BGM-34 lookalike Eglin

The 'USAF Armament Museum' in Eglin (Florida) has a Firebee that is rather confusing. Considering the bombs on its pylons, it appears to represent a BGM-34. However 'BQM-34' is painted on the tail. But it isn't a BQM-34 either, since it has the rear fuselage plug of an AQM-34. Yet the nose looks like that of an BQM-34. Most likely it is a Model 147NA (AQM-34G), which is a standard BQM-34A fitted with a rear fuselage plug, and extended wings fitted with pylons for chaff dispensing pods. I am not sure though, I have seen only one photo of this version. The 'U.S. AIR FORCE' markings are not in the proper 'Amarillo USAF' font. This casts doubts about the rest of the markings on this Firebee.

Craig Kaston supplied a March 1980 photo showing the Eglin lookalike in a rather strange paint scheme! Craig remarks that you can see the original orange paint where the paints chipped off.

Larry Engesath provided these walkaround photos.

Mark Nankivil visited the Air Armament Museum at Eglin AFB (Florida) in April 2003 and shot the following photos, that show many interesting details.

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