Me 163B 'White 42'

According to the book's caption this picture was taken at Merseburg. It shows two hangared Komets, of which the left one could possibly be 'White 42'. It has a similar nose band, and a 13.or 14./JG400 badge. Note that the badge is handed, with the aircraft flying towards the nose. Both Komets have taped-over gun ports, that look like MK 108 gun ports.

Other details visible in the photograph: the canopy of the left one is disconnected and is laid on the cockpit; the canopy of the right one is opened almost 180 degrees, which is very unusual. The dolly wheels have checkers (likely red and white), while the dolly's axle appears to have a similar paint scheme. Wings are stored on the left in wooden clamps, and another wing (lower side visible) is seen on the right. The antennas behind the canopies are present.

Photograph from 'Luftwaffe Camouflage & Markings 1935-45 Vol. 3' by J.R. Smith and J.D. Gallaspy

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