Brandis after American capture

Airfoil caption: This Me 163, unlike the others, is finished in overall Light Blue 76. This color was normally an undersurface color, but was sometimes used as an upper surface camouflage finish. Samples taken from surviving Luftwaffe aircraft, plus color photos of the period, suggest that there was some variation in the color 76. In this case it has a very '"whitish' appearance, not an uncommon occurrence. This lack of camouflage colors may reflect a shortage of material, or perhaps a desire to rush the craft into service. No other markings are apparent.

A unique photo: my guess is that it shows a surviving Versuchs-Komet that was never camouflaged. I don't see gun or cannon muzzles in the wing root, which would support this theory.

Photo from Airfoil magazine, Winter 1983 issue, scan supplied by Gary Webster

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