Brandis after American capture

Caption: Airbase at Polenz, Germany. Wrecked German jet fighter and ...

A derelict Me 163B at Brandis (Polenz is another name for Brandis, and actually is a small village just south-west of the runway). It seems to have escaped being blown up or torching, most likely because it was a wreck already. The lower rear fuselage tailwheel fairing is missing, and it seems the wing root fairing is absent too. This Komet appears to be painted in a solid upper camouflage, a pretty rare type of camouflage for Komets. Right of the fuselage Balkenkreuz a '0' appears to be painted. If that is correct, this is most likely a EK16 aircraft.

Photo from "Timberwolf Tracks - NTA 50th Anniversary Edition", Hoegh and Doyle, Washington, 1996

Scan supplied by Jaap Woortman

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