Deutsches Museum Me 163B

Concise history from Phil Butler's "War Prizes":

AM210 Messerschmitt Me 163B W Nr 191316

Coded 'Yellow 6' of JG400. Surrendered at Husum and shipped to the RAE. Despatched from Farnborough to No. 6 MU Brize Norton on 21st July 1945. With No. 6 MU in the Home Census of Aircraft on 21st march 1946 and despatched to No. 47 MU Sealand, on 17th June. In 1949, was with the GAFEC, No. 3 MU Stanmore Park, remaining there until at least 1955. At this, point the picture becomes confused in that 191316 is the aircraft now in the Science Museum while 'AM 210' is reported as the aircraft which presented to the Deutsches Museum at Munich by the RAF in April 1964. It may, be that 191316 was not AM 210 as postulated but in any event it would appear that the Air Historical Branch held two different Me 163s, one of which went via Holton to the Science Museum, and the other via West Raynhom and Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm to the Deutsches Museum at Munich. It is possible that 191316 was AM 210 and that the Deutsches Museum aircraft was another so far unidentified Me 163B which was transposed with AM 210 during storage. These aircraft were frequently displayed at RAF 'At Home' days ond other events, and since their 'Air Min' numbers were painted on their storage crates but not on the aircraft themselves, it would not be difficult for their true identities to be lost. Any readers with confirmed sightings of Me 163B's at displays in the 1945 - 1964 period who can clarify the true Werke Nummern of particular aircraft are invited to contact the author!

There is also a report that the original markings were '60' (colour not known)

RAF Biggin Hill, 1964

The photo below shows a Komet being loaded on what appears to be a Noratlas, at RAF Biggin Hill in 1964. Most likely this is the future Deutsches Museum Me 163B, on its way from the UK to Germany. Unfortunately the photo offers very few other clues.

Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm, Germany 1960's

The aircraft was restored here, but further details are currently lacking.

Deutsche Museum, München, Germany 1964 - current

In 1964 the Deutsches Museum received this Komet. First a photo that possibly shows the Deutsches Museum Komet just after the MBB restoration. The camouflage and markings do not appear authentic at all unfortunately.

The photo below shows the famous Captain Eric Brown in the cockpit of the Deutsches Museum Komet, in 1965, with press attending. The photo was kindly supplied by Joe Grasela.

According to Deutsches Museum, the Komet carries a wrong camouflage scheme and markings, and the Werknummer is not exactly known. It hangs above Me 262A-1b "White 3" WNr 500071.

The following pictures were made by Bert Hartmann in May 1999:

Reinhold Stadler sent the following picture:

Komet photography expert Ludo Kloek paid a visit to the Deutsches Museum in July 1999 and made the following photographs. The lighting conditions are pretty poor in the museum, and I used gamma correction to make details better visisble. This explains the grainyness of some of the pictures.

Note: the photographs still lack captions

General views



Landing skid

Take-off dolly


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