Me 163 kits and accessories

Erwin Macalalad's Me 163B model

Erwin Macalalad from the Philippines built his Academy Komet with a scratch-built HWK 109-509 rocket engine. The engine was made from sprue, assorted wires and plastic card from phone cards. Erwin used plans from Shamus Reddin's Hellmuth Walter website.

The rear part of the T-Stoff tank was made from aluminum adhesive tape that was painted black. The fuselage interior was detailed with frames.

After painting the motor was installed. The rear part of the upper fuselage was cut-out to expose the rocket engine.

The last photo shows a close-up of the rocket motor in the painted model.

In the cockpit Erwin added braces for the bullet-proof windscreen using copper wire, as can be seen in top photo.

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