Me 163B radio controlled model

Mike Smart from the UK provided the following report and photographs of the Vöster electric RC model.

The model has now flown and I can confirm that its performance is truly awesome! I launch it with a short bungee/stroke catapult and once it has left this, I turn the motor on. From this launch it proceeds steeply skywards at rocket like speed, very like the real thing, becoming a small speck very quickly. Power duration is very short, much like the real thing, approximately 2 minutes or less of full power! Level flight from a dive is very fast, we estimate around 70 mph. The glide is quite fast but controllable and I am able to land it on our mown patch in about 40 metres. It does not turn over and tracks straight until it stops.

The kit's specifics are as follows:

  • All moulded epoxy glass.
  • Weight 18 oz
  • Span 27"
  • Power - Speed 480 Race motor with 5" x 5" CAM speed prop running on 7 Sanyo 500 AR cells, drawing approx 18A.
  • Radio - Futaba 103F receiver with 2 micro servos - elevons are mixed electronically by Futaba FF8 transmitter.
  • Speed controller - Tarling MicroStar 20.

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