Me 163B radio controlled model

DW Modelltechnik has designed a 1/5 scale (180 cm span) Komet RC model fitted with a jet engine (100 N). This gives very spectacular performance, such as a top speed of 400 km/h, and an initial rate of climb of 94 m/s (18600 ft/min). In March 2003 a top speed of Mach 0.65 was recorded.. They kindly sent the following photos. More information can be found on DW's Komet page.

First photos

These photos were the first ones to be released officially.

The general shape appears to excellently captured.

This view shows how elegant a Komet looks from certain angles.

That nozzle size looks promising!

Build quality is excellent as can be seen here.

Test flying photos

These photos were taken during the summer of 2002.

Preparations before start.

Take-off roll has commenced

Lift off!

And climbing steeply

In flight it looks very realistic


With the smoke system switched on, it looks even more impressive! According to Dieter, they inject a mixture of smoke oil and something completely different :) in the exhaust tube just behind the nozzle of the engine. This generates a clearly visible, welding torch type, yellowish-blue flame and behind it a significant amount of thick white smoke.

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