Me 163 references

The cover of the 1961 first edition of Mano Ziegler's book 'Raketenjäger Me 163'.

Picture found on Ebay

Cover scan of the 1996 issue. Don't let the cover drawing confuse you that the all-red one looked like this. The tail code 'White 21' and the Jägerfaust vertical launching tubes are spurious details. The launch tubes are most likely wrongly located, right where the C-Stoff tanks should be.

The German version lacks chapter numbers and titles. This is inconvenient, since they chapters are not listed chronologically. This the numbers and titles from the English translation:

  1. Test-Commando 16
  2. Practical Training Begins
  3. A "Sharp" Start
  4. The "Powered Egg" Arrives
  5. Our First Casualty
  6. Spate's Narrow Escape
  7. A Pleasant Interlude
  8. Jupp's "Birthday"
  9. "Ski Hail!"
  10. Tragedy at Rechlin
  11. The First Komet Squadrons
  12. Herbert's Number Comes Up
  13. A Visit to Venlo
  14. Production Flight Testing
  15. Revolutionary Armament
  16. Our Numbers Dwindle
  17. The End Draws Near
  18. Volunteers for Suicide
  19. And So Dies JG 400
Appendix: The Origins of the Messerschmitt Me 163

Some remarks: chapters 4 and 5 should switched, and Pohs did not die in a Me 163B, but in a Me 163A.

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