Me 163 references

The English version of Bartomiej Belcarz and Robert Peczkowski Polish book

Some comments on the contents: pages 14 and 15 list five pages of Heini Dittmar's logbook. It appears that the logbook pages on page 14 are actually 1942 pages, not 1941 as listed in the caption. From the logbook it can be concluded the accident in which Dittmar suffered major spinal damage occured on 13 November 1942 (flight 1095), in Me 163A V5 GG+EA. It seems he performed some glider flights on 2 and 9 April 1943 (1096-1103), possibly not as pilot in command, since no flight time is logged. He only resumed flying motor aircraft on 7 September 1943 in Bü 181 PD+PU. Two weeks later he was back in a Komet, the rather mysterious 'Me 163V1 KE+SX' which is not Me 163A V4 KE+SW. Note also that the entries for flight 1096 and 1102 contains some errors: the 1096 'Abflug' date is listed as '2.4.41' when it should be '2.4.43' (the 'Landing' is correctly shown as '2.4.43'), whilst both 'Abflug' and 'Landung' dates for flight 1102 are shown incorrectly as being in 1941 rather than 1943.

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