Me 163 references

The long-awaited Classic Publications book by Stephen Ransom and Hans-Hermann Cammann was released in March 2002. It can be judged to be the best and most comprehensive Komet reference so far. Volume One roughly covers the development of the Komet, including the test work performed by EK16.

The book starts with a fairly lengthy history of the tailless and rocket-powered aircraft that preceded the Me 163A and B. These 60 pages will not interest every reader I think. Then follows a chapter about the technical development of the Me 163A and B, followed by a 75 page chapter about EK16's development work. This chapter contains the complete bimonthly 'work reports' in full, very commendable. It ends with a 10 page chapter about the first two Staffeln being set up for operational use. Appendices cover a list of personnel involved, biographies, and a flight log of the 10 Me 163A's and first 70 Me 163B. This list is really something special, listing individual flights as far as is known from (most likely) pilot flight logbooks.

The book contains a number of 'new' photographs, but also many known photos. The interests of modelers are not well covered, there are no comments on colors and markings, nor extensive detail photographs (cockpit photos for example).

It is clearly visible that this book was made with great care and love. But even the writers overlooked some small details. I've started a list of them, because they could be useful for Komet enthusiasts. They are not meant to criticize the writers.

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