Me 163B V-21

Interesting picture of the V-21 pre-series aircraft (Stammkennzeichen VA+..). It apparently has the MG 151/20 guns, that project from the leading edge. Like nearly all pre-series aircraft that were assigned V-numbers, it is painted in a light grey overall (either RLM 65 or RLM 76). It looks like the nose section has three different colors. But notice that the sun is directly in front of the aircraft, and that the strong curvature of the front fuselage could creature the false impression of different colors on the nose. According to the caption, the picture was taken at Bad Zwischenahn, and the aircraft belonged to EK16.

Source: "Messerschmitt - Der Konstrukteur und seine Flugzeuge" by Armand van Ishoven, 1975

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