Me 163B "White 05" of Erprobungskommando 16

This photo was made on 2 May 1945, the airfield being taken on 16 April, and is probaly the earliest photo after the capture. The full text of the caption is shown below.

17474 C
Associated Press Photo From New York
Caution: Use credit

Yanks examine German jet plane

These Yanks examine a German jet plane that
was found on an airfield east of Leipzig,
Germany. Left to right: Pvt. Harry Dixson,
International Falls, Minn.; Cpl. Vernon
Langenwalter, 1059N Topeka St., Wichita,
Kas., and Sgt. Charles Christianson, 210 S.
Walnut St., Stillwater, Minn. This photo
was made by William C. Allen, Associated Press
photographer with the wartime still picture

May-2 1945

Associated Press Photo
MD-4-28-45 WCA-PL 9
MP PL KX (KX MATS) (Cx M.....)

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