Me 163B 'White 11'

Still from a piece of film showing the starting procedures of a Komet. Three Komets are parked on the runway threshold, with elecricity carts parked alongside. The right Komet had its turbine pump started and is now rolling, leaving behind a cloud of steam produced by the turbine pump. Of note is that the three Komets have very different camouflages. The one commencing its take-off roll appears to be in a solid dark camouflage, although this is difficult to judge because of the glare. The Komet in the middle must be 'White 11' because of its highly unusual tail camouflage, with a large dark diagonal stripe, and two more colors applied on large areas. The fuselage suffers from glare and is diffucult to judge, but appears to be in solid dark colors. The Komet on the left is lightly mottled.

Source: "Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet (Waffen-Arsenal Band 32)" by Mano Ziegler

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