Me 163B 'White 11'

Very nice view of 'White 11'. A large part of the pattern of the three-color top camouflage can be identified, including part of the pattern on the outboard wing. The top of the fin appears to be painted very lightly only, with a lighter base coat showing through? The rear fuselage shows a never-seen combination of three cooling slots and a scoop. The scoop identifies this Komet as an early, Messerschmitt or Klemm built Komet. Note the trim flaps deflected up, as required for take-off. The aircraft is likely sitting on alert on the runway ('Sitzbereitschaft'). On the back of the photo, the following notes were written:

Schmalfilmeinsatz 15.11.44
Ofw. Franke
Ogfr. Schmidt (Obergefreiter)

Photo and copyright by Uwe Frömert (see also the page about Hauptmann Herbert Frömert).

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