Me 163B 'White 42' / FE495

The aircraft shown here very likely is 'White 42'. It shares all peculiarities of 'White 42': MG 151/20 ammo hatch on the spine, MK 108 gun port (boresight hole showing), old-type rear-view window, missing tail root fairing, the typical cooling air inlet on the rear fuselage, and the missing tail hatch, pitot tube and radio antenna. The only thing not seen is the crumpled fin tip.

The painting of the aircraft is unrecognisable however. The only part remaining is the unit badge, now with the text 'Komet'. The whole aircraft appears to be repainted in a light color with a fine mottling applied over it, snake-like on the tail. The swastika is now white, the fuselage Iron Cross is missing, and a large-font 'FE 495' is applied. The wheel appears to be repainted too.

Photograph found on Ebay

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