Me 163B 'White 42' / FE495

First some details that seem to link this aircraft with the previous photos. A small MG 151/20 hatch can be seen, the Morane radio antenna is missing, it has the same fresh air scoop, and the rear view window looks similar (partly sheeted over). A difference however is tail root fairing, which seems like a locally fabricated one, since it lacks the radius seen on the original fairing.

The aircraft appears to be painted in a dark (green?) color overall. As so often with captured Komets, the gun bay covers look strange (rough?). White text stencils can be seen all over the aircraft to identify specific components. I can only read 'T2 INTELLIGENCE' beneath the 'F' of 'FE-500', 'RADIO' on the small hatch left of it. Further stencils are seen on the rear fuselage (look through the glare), elevons, skid bay, and near the cockpit.

Source: "Messerschmitt's mighty midget - part 2" in Aeroplane Monthly, August 1983 issue

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