Me 163B 191454 'Yellow 11'

The Komet being prepared for the display. The caption reads: "ENEMIES IN OUR MIDST. - Preparations are being made for an exhibition of enemy aircraft in Hyde Park from September 16 to 22. These pictures show (top) a Messerschmitt 163B and (bottom) a Heinkel 162 Volksjaeger. We hope to see more exhibitions of a similar character in this country."

The picture shows some interesting aspects of the camouflage: the whole rear fuselage appears to be densely mottled, approximately up the extended trailing edge. As usual there is no Werknummer on the right side. Note the chalked '454' on the rudder, suggesting that the aircraft was assembled and disassambled regularly. The picture also nicely shows the very considerable twist in the wing

Source: The Aeroplane, September 7 1945 issue, page 262

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