Me 163B camouflages

Code 15, possibly yellow (appears slightly darker than the white of the Balkenkreuz)
Unit II/JG400 ('captured in Schleswig-Holstein' i.e. Husum)
Place Germany or United Kingdom ?? It looks like an exhibit
Made by
Camouflage Quite unique: the tail looks like a three-color camouflage in a disruptive pattern (no mottle). The wing appears to be polished or gloss-painted. The fuselage appears to be painted in the middle color used on the tail.
Markings White outine swastika.
Remarks Unclear whether the picture is taken in the UK, or in Germany. The man studying the nose looks very civilian, suggesting the former.
Source "Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet" by Mano Ziegler

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