Parts Packs

In Tim Boyd's excellent book 'Collecting model car and truck kits' I first read about 'Parts Packs'. I found it a fascinating bit of modeling history, and decided to try to build a list of the 1/24-1/25 scale parts packs issued by AMT, Aurora and Revell, plus their reissues. Most pictures were found on Ebay.

Manufacturer Catalog # Box Description Contents Year
AMT 3001 Wheels & tires
3002 283 Chevy engine & 421 Pontiac engine
3003 Corvair engine & 392 Chrysler engine 1963
3004 Hot rod frame
3005 Grilles & bumpers
3006 "T" body reported as the 1925 version
3007 Allison engine
3008 Drag strip accessories television camera, lane lights, flags, push broom, fire extinguishers
3010 Working lights
3011 Soft rubber Darlingtons and Slicks
? '23 'T' competition roadster body
AMT-Ertl 8158 Blueprinter Parts Pack Two trees with each two engines: small block Chevy 283, Pontiac 421, turbo-charged Corvair engine, Chrysler 413. Chrome tree with the following: '57 Buick grille, two '56 Cadillac bumpers, '55 Chevrolet grille, '55 Chevrolet grille bar with teeth, '58 Chevrolet grille, four "Cal Custom" Corvair bumpers, '62 Chrylser 300 grille, '57 DeSoto grille/bumper, '62 Dodge grille, two '58 Edsel grilles, '60 Thunderbird grille, '60 Mercury grille with separate inner headlights, '55 Olds grille bar, '60 Oldsmobile grille, four '55 Pontiac bumpers, two '57 Pontiac bumpers, "Marquis" custom grille by Cushenberry, "Lucas" style custom headlights, two "Triple Blade" custom headlights 1993
8435 Custom & competition parts pack vintage television camera, lane lights, flags, fire extinguishers, Allison, wheels, hot rod frame
AMT/RC2 38677 Competition parts pack 283 Chevy engine with front mounted supercharger, 283 Chevy 4 barrel engine, 145 Corvair engine with 'Spyder' option, 421 Pontiac blown engine, 421 Pontiac dual 4 barrel engine, 392 Chrysler supercharged engine, Allison engine, competition "T" body. All engines chrome plated. 2008
PP001 MH Racemaster Dragster Slicks Four sets of retooled AMT slicks: Racemaster Dragster lettering, whitewall with Racemaster Dragster lettering, wide whitewall and whitewall with red pinstripe 2011
PP002 Firestone Deluxe Champion tires 'Featuring thin stripe and vintage wide whitewall styles' 2012
PP003 MH Racemaster Dragster Slicks 'Style No 2: super 'tall & wide' 11.75 x 16' 2012
PP011 Engine Pack: Chevy 283 & Pontiac 421 'Two complete 1/25 scale motors with options'
Model King /
21453 Open road camper & Racer's wedge Issued 2004
21923 Open road camper & Racer's wedge Reportedly MPC tooling
Aurora 590 427 Ford engine
591 Custom wheels, hubs & covers
592 Custom grills & trim
Revell C1101 '57 Chevy 283 V8 engine chrome
C1102 Blown '58 Chrysler V-8 engine 'With GMC 6-71 blower and Hilborn airscoop & injector'
C1103 1960 Buick "467 cubic inch" V-8 engine
C1104 Experimental turbine engine 'The engine of the future'
C1105 Cadillac V-8 engine 'With Cragar & Edelbrock intake manifolds'
C1106 Blown & fuel-injected Pontiac "421" V-8 'With super-stock exhaust & intake manifolds'
C1107 '63 Corvette Sting Ray V-8 engine 'With "Mooneyes" exhaust pipes'
C1108 Ford 427 engine - chrome 'All chrome 1/25 scale Ford "427" V-8 engine'

C1109 - C1120 presumably not used, possibly reserved for more engine kits

C1121 "Dragmaster" frame
C1122 Chromed dragster frame
C1122 Dragster frame 'Start building your own drag machine'
C1122 Dragster frame
C1123 Custom car frame 'With authentic front steering xxxx that can be made to move'
C1124 Dragster speed equipment 'Enough speed equipment for two drag machines'
C1125 '32 Bantam roadster body 'For street or competition'
C1125 '32 Bantam roadster body 'For street or competition'
C1126 23 T roadster body
C1127 Tubular roadster frame 'An authentic custom frame'
C1128 '23 T roadster frame 'Design your own machine for show or go'
C1129 Fiat coupe body 'Design and build your own fantastic coupe'
C1130 Chromed dragster frame 'Design and build your own drag machine'
C1131 "Mooneyes" dragster frame 'Build your version of the "Mooneyes" dragster'
C1132 Roadster chassis speed equipment 'Design your own machine for show or go'

C1133 - C1140 presumably not used, possibly reserved for more chassis / frame kits

C1141 Competion wheels and mags 'Halibrand and American Racing Equipment mags'
C1142 Reversed rims & wire wheels 'With finned brake drums and custom hubcaps'
C1143 Competition car tires
C1144 Custom car tires
C1145 M&H Racemaster whitewall drag slicks
C1146 Big & little roadster tires & wheels 'With wide and narrow whitewall transfers'
C1147 Drag racing wheels - chrome 'Ideal for Revell drag racing tires (C1148), competition tires and slicks (C1143), or white wall drag slicks (C1145)'
C1148 Drag racing tires

C1149 - C1150 presumably not used, possibly reserved for more wheel / tire kits

C1151 Bubbletops, headlights, taillights 'For excitement and variety with your customized cars'
C1152 Experimental bumpers and grilles 'For creative styles and unusual effects'
C1152 'Dream car' bumpers and grilles
C1153 Custom car interior parts 'with bucket seats and padded dash'. Also issued in blue-green plastic
C1154 Tubular bumpers and grilles 'With car club plaques and bullet grilles'. Includes dual headlight frames
C1155 Interior styling kit
C1156 Speed decals - NHRA decals '103 authentic speed decals, 70 official NHRA class decals'
C1157 Accessory display items 'For Custom "Showing"'. Chrome. Includes pistons with con rods and crankshafts

C1158 - C1160 presumably not used, possibly reserved for more customizing kits

C1161 Triumph show motorcycle 'With working steering and movable wheels'. Chrome, also sold in black plastic as C1162. Has an uncanny resemblance to the Larry Howard Glittercycle. Reissued in 1982 as 'Grease 2: Classic BSA and Triumph' (H-7706) in which it is presented as a Triumph 650cc Bonneville
C1162 Custom motorcycle kit 'With working steering and movable wheels'. Black plastic, als sold chromed as C1161. Reissued in 1982 as 'Grease 2: Classic BSA and Triumph' (H-7706)
C1163 Harley custom show bike 'With working steering & movable wheels'. Reissued in 1982 as 'Grease 2: Classic Harley and Honda' (H-7707)
C1164 '63 Honda motorcycle 'With working steering and movable wheels'. Reissued in 1982 as 'Grease 2: Classic Harley and Honda' (H-7707)
C1165 BSA motorcycle - chrome 'Movable steering'. Reissued in 1982 as 'Grease 2: Classic BSA and Triumph' (H-7706)
H1260 Custom parts for vans
H1261 Custom parts for pickups
Revell-Monogram 85-7251 Chevy 283 ci V-8 Engine ~1998
85-7252 Cadillac 354 ci V-8 Engine ~1998
85-7253 Pontiac 421 ci V-8 Engine ~1998
85-7254 Ford 427 ci V-8 Engine ~1998

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