Larry Engesath photos

This looks a lot like an AQM-34H (Model 147NC), judging from the typical nose shape, but this is not confirmed. Another possibility is that it is an AQM-34J (Model 147NC(M1)), because it appears to have camera windows (covered by protective foam) that the AQM-34H shouldn't have (it's for chaff and ECM tasks). There is some stenciling on the nose, and it looks like 'J24', which would make it the 24th J-model.

It is suspended from the outboard Hercules pylon. Colors appear to be FS 36622 and possibly ADC gray (FS 36473) or FS 36231. The camouflaged tail cone (parachute housing) is quite unique, this is matt black on almost all known photos.

Photograph by Larry Engesath, April 1973

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