AQM-34L TV-50

The archives of the Air Force Test Center (AFTC) History Office at Edwards AFB contain three photos of AQM-34L TV-50 (Test Vehicle 50), that Craig Kaston duplicated with permission. Its orange-red color scheme leaves no doubt that this indeed is a test vehicle. Only the last part of the parachute tailcone is left black. The shark mouth shows a red tongue (barely visible on the red-orange) and drops of saliva swept away by the wind. In the first two photos, the Microwave Command Guidance System blade antenna usually fitted on top of the vertical fin is missing, and it appears that no camera windows were installed.

In the third photo this Firebee is fitted with bare-metal ALE-2 with two 'BALLAST' markings plus and a tic-tac-toe marking. It is now fitted with an AQM-34M style camera cover, and its two film reel bulges are painted with new eyes. Behind the film reel bulges an unidentified fitting can be seen. A black band is painted across the mid fuselage. The wing pylons of the AQM-34M-style wings are also painted black. Just maybe the camera cover with the eyes painted on ended up on the 'Orange Crush' wreck?

In December 2017 a slide of TV-50 was sold on Ebay. It shows the Firebee suspended from a CH-53, at Edwards AFB on 21 May 1972.