AQM-34N Warner Robins Museum of Aviation

The Museum of Aviation at Warner-Robins (Georgia) has an AQM-34N. According to the website, the museum received the aircraft in 2005, and it probably became an exhibit fairly recently (guessing 2009 or 2010). It appears to have standard camera windows, and pods on the wing tips that are not seen on the other two museum AQM-34Ns. No further details are know at this point.

Harry Swett visited the Museum of Aviation in July 2010. One of his Phantom photos caught the AQM-34N in the background, and the cropped photo is shown below. The AQM-34N is now hanging from the ceiling instead of on the floor on a dolly. Interestingly the left side shows two white circles on the front fuselage. Their location agrees roughly with the circular openings seen on the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum AQM-34N.

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