AQM-34V Warner Robins Museum of Aviation

The Museum of Aviation at Warner-Robins (Georgia) has an AQM-34V. The earliest report is from 1988 by Craig Kaston, when it was displayed outdoors as 74-2147, which fits very nicely in the known AQM-34V serial block 74-2135/2150. Later it was displayed indoors on a dolly, and now it hangs over an SR-71. The currently applied 'U.S. AIR FORCE' markings were rarely seen on AQM-34's. They are not in the proper 'Amarillo USAF' font, and the font height appears to be considerably smaller than the 6 inches as per TO 1-1-4. Considering that the original data block under the horizontal tails is now also missing, it appears that this Firebee is completely repainted.

Craig Kaston shot a great walkaround of the Warner Robins during his visit on 1 February 1988. Craig believes that it is seen here in the original factory markings. The white dots visible in some of the close-ups are the factory Quality Assurance (QA) 'closeout' stickers applied prior to delivery to the Air Force.

Mark Nankivil visited the museum in April 2003 and shot the following walkaround photo series of the museum's AQM-34V.

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