XM-21 at White Sands

A 1957 postcard shows the XM-21, the Army version of the KDA-1 or KDA-4 first generation Firebee, already present at White Sands. Presumably it still has its original colors and markings. All flying surfaces are white, the fuselage probably Insignia Red. There's no Air Force style white band over the fuselage between the wings. It has three parachute mission markings, and a sharkmouth. No serial number is visible.

These two photos are probably form 2005, but I lost the source unfortunately. The XM-21 is painted sort-of the inverse: black flying surfaces and a white fuselage. The only markings are 'U.S. ARMY' on the front fuselage. The presence of a circular hatch on the right rear fuselage shows that this an early first-generation Firebee.

In September 2016, a friend visited the 'Missile Park' at the White Sands Missile Range Museum, and made a photo of the museum's XM-21. It now has a red fuselage.

In December 2023, Bryan Wilburn visited the White Sands museum, and made two photos. The red paint has discolored to a dark blood-red, and has partly worn off.

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