Me 163B 3D CAD model

Stephen Endersby from the UK is a long-time researcher of the Me 163 with the aim of recreating the aircraft as a full scale 3D CAD model. He has used SolidWorks to do this and the development of his work is outlined below.

First attempt

After carrying out research at the Imperial War Museum and with the information provided by other Me 163 researchers Stephen had enough information to create the first CAD model. Working with limited data some engineering estimate had to be taken, other geometries had to be guessed based upon photographs. The area where no or very little hard data is known about is shown in pink. The areas in blue are mirrored geometries.


Second attempt

Before finishing the first model Stephen decided to update the wing geometry. The first attempt had a flat untwisted wing, this was changed in the second attempt, for a realistic incidence and washout. The upper and lower fairings where completed.


Third attempt

In this model Stephen concentrated on smoothing out the upper and lower fairings. In addition a model varation shows the orginal keel line (BV1). Later versions had a deeper keel (shown as a line) to reduce the take-off aircraft attitude.

Current work

The current work is concentrating on firming up the upper and lower fairing data. If you have any information that would help him please contact Stephen Endersby.

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