Me 163B 191916 of the National Aviation Museum, Canada

Nice right side view showing the Komet in three pieces. The wings are neatly stored in wheeled crates, while the fuselage rides on the take-off dolly. Contrary to the museum's other Komet, this one shows some roughness (with regards to panel lines, ill-fitting access panels and small dents) typical of wartime Komets. In other words it does not look 'over-restored' to me, and I like it better this way. A 1. Staffel badge (Baron von Munchausen riding a cannon bullet) is painted on the nose, but chances are small that this is original, since this is a Husum-captured II/JG400 aircraft. The skid is painted in a standard black or dark grey color.

Photo and copyright by David Brown, August 1997

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