Joachim Beh's Komet scaled replica concept

Joachim Beh works at the University of Stuttgart, institute of aircraft design, and he is involved in the Akaflieg FS-35 project and the E-genius electric motorglider which participated in the Green Flight Challenge in 2011. He's also building an aerobatic trainer of his own design, and is also thinking about building a scaled Komet replica. His initial design is shown here to generate ideas and interest. The concept needs further development, and Joachim hopes it can become a group effort to reduce the costs.


Joachim explains: "Some friends and I had the idea to start designing a downsized replica, roughly 1:1.7 scale, to make the wonderful flying characteristics available for homebuilders. Like the original we would like to equip it with a towing hook to familiarize with it as a glider. It would have a dummy weight in the back in order to mount a PBS TJ100 jet engine later." More details are discussed below.

Preliminary drawing

Joachim made an ink-drawing that he scanned in high resolution:

Thoughts, ideas and design considerations

How to proceed?

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