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This page contains about all internet sites I could find that had anything to do with the Me 163 Komet. Almost all links mentioned elsewhere on this site are repeated here too. Excepted are most links to museum Komets, Komet models (static and RC) and Komet sims; these are shown on their specific pages, accessible from the main page.

The links usually point to the specific page with Komet information. To see more of the sites, use the 'home' buttons to arrive at the opening page, or fiddle a little with the URL in case such a button is missing. If you find a dead link, please let me know. You can also try the amazing Wayback Machine, just copy the dead URL and see how it used to look!

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Walter HWK 109-509 Site
by Shamus Reddin

Luftwaffe Archives & Records Reference Group
hosted by

Komet pages

Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet
German page about the real Komet and an RC model

Messerschmitt ME-163 Komet
Images and information collected by Hans Liss (Sweden)

Informationen über historische Flugzeuge & Technik
Komet parts recovered, restored and rebuilt
by Jens Grosse-Kampmann (Germany)

Komet pages - general details

Das Flugzeugarchiv der Deutsche Luftwaffe
An extensive Luftwaffe database that includes the Me 163
See also the information on engines (Walter) and cockpits

Das Virtuelle Luftfahrtmuseum
Technical data and surviving aircraft

Aviation Corner
Single page with one picture

Mark Wade's Encyclopedia Astronautica
Komet entry in rocket history

Various Komet information

The Luftwaffe home page
JG400 unit history

The Foo Fighter mystery
About night-time viewings of Komet by Allied bomber crews

Air Aces Homepage
Massive list of aces, including some Komet pilots

Luftwaffe Over Ohio!
Evaluation of German aircraft (including Komet) in the USA

Uncommon aircraft
I-270, Me 163 and Ju 248/Me 263 performance comparison

A Visit to Peenemünde Today
Little about the Komet, but very interesting nevertheless

The Nurflügel Page - Lippisch Biography
Extensive site with all of Lippisch' designs

Capt Harvey F. Mace, P51-D "Sweet Helen II"
Report of a brief encounter of a Mustang pilot with a Komet

Joe Valmar's story
About a young German that took glider training in preparation for the Komet

AeroArt Restaurierungen
Original and replacement parts for your Komet!

Lippisch Design Inc.
A company founded by Dr. Lippisch' son George, with a page about Dr. Lippisch

Daniel's WWII Aviation and Memorabilia Collection 1939-1945
Shows material from test pilot Bernhard Hohmann's estate

Allied gun camera footage
With one Komet film

German WW2 radio communication equipment
Includes the FuG 16ZE/ZY radio and FuG 25a IFF as used in the Komet

Rebuilt German instrument panels, including three Komet panels!

Die Geschichte der Me 163 im Modell
Jürgen Klüsers Komet tribute in 1/72 scale (in German)

Komet art

Mike Machat
'JG400' as used on the cover of Späte's book

Ronald Wong
'Wie Ein Floh...!' by Ronald Wong

Philip Alexander
'Me-163 Attack' by Philip Alexander

Nicolas Trudgian
'Rocket Attack' by Nicolas Trudgian

Dan Zoernig
'The first Komet' by Dan Zoernig

Tom Tullis
'Ascension' by Tom Tullis

Gareth Hector
'Crimson Komet' by Gareth Hector

Gareth Hector
'Wie ein floh' by Gareth Hector

Komet videos

Me 163 Komet Teil 1
Includes Rolf Glogner interview, German language

Me 163 Komet Teil 2
Includes Rolf Glogner interview, German language

Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet
Part of Discovery program

1944 The Me-163 Komet
Various pieces of film without commentary

Me 262, Me 163, He 162 in Russia
Footage of test flying by Russian Air Force

Me 163 & Bf 109 vs baseball bat
Color video of soldiers with aircraft wrecks

Kurz replica in flight
Filmed at the La Ferté Alais 2009 air show

Komet photos
Komet pictures from various museums

Me 163B-1 Komet walkaround part 1
Aircraft Resource Center, identical to photos shown on this site

Me 163B-1 Komet walkaround part 2
Aircraft Resource Center, identical to photos shown on this site

Toni Bäuerle's Flying Wing page
Photos of Mr. Kurz's replica Komet in action

Totavia Aviation Image Archives
15 Komet pictures among the 5000 other pictures

RC Komet models

Airborne Magazine
Article on building a 1/4 scale RC model

'IfM Pocking' RC Club
With a giant 1:2 scale RC Komet by Markus Richter, go see!

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