Me 163 kits and accessories

A brief review of the Reheat Scheuch-Schlepper by Marvin Howell: It comes as two versions RH148 Hydraulic (version C) or RH149 Inflation bags (version D). I have the latter. The main body of the tractor is resin and most of the detailing is cast white metal. The metal parts include the tow bar, fenders, steering wheels, and detailing parts. There are four flotation bags (resin) two fully inflated, and two slighly flattened with indentations where the wings of the Me 163 would rest on the bags. This kit has wheels the hydraulic version has tracks on the lifting mechanism. The hydraulic version also has more extensive support structure. Shown below are the instructions, applicable to both kits.

International Model News has a review in German.

Scan provided by Marvin Howell

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