Me 163 references

The following list is an attempt at gathering all Me 163 references. Details were provided by Ruediger Landmann (Australia), Charles Metz (USA), Michael Schulpen (the Netherlands), Ludo Kloek (Belgium), Arnaldo Joao (Portugal), Bert Hartmann (Germany), Jan Kuzee (the Netherlands), Bob Chubb (USA) and Julian Herrero (Spain). Cover pictures can be seen for some of the references; more are slowly added. Don't let this list make you think I actually own all these books and magazines - I have only a small portion of them.

Me 163 books

Writer Title Publisher Year ISBN Remarks
Marek Rys The Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet - Kagero Top Drawing 1173 Kagero Publishing 2022 9788366148857 1/32, 1/48 & 1/72 scale drawings, plus profile drawings. Polish and English texts. Review on the IPMS USA website.
Stephen Ransom, Hans-Hermann Cammann Me 163 Rocket Interceptor Crécy Publishing 2021 9781906537579 Revised and updated combined edition of the two volumes published in 2002-2003. Hardback, 464 pages.
Marek Rys & Krzysztof Wolowski Single No. 14 - Messerschmitt Me 163B-1 Komet Casemate Publishers 2020 8365958767 978-8365958761 24 pages, paperback, contains black&white and color photos, scale drawings, color profiles. Review on the IPMS USA website.
Krzysztof Wolowski Spotlight on Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet Mushroom Model Publications 2019 9788365958471 44 pages, hard cover. Contains 40 color profiles. Review on the IPMS USA website.
Richard Franks The Me 163 Komet – A Detailed Guide to the Luftwaffe’s Rocket-Powered Interceptor Valiant Wings Publishing 2017 978-0-9935345-7-7 114 pages, softcover, A4 size. Reviewed by Brad Fallen at Hyperscale
Stephen Ransom Jagdgeschwader 400: Germany's Elite Rocket Fighters Osprey 2010 128 pages, softcover
Bartlomiej Belcarz & Robert Peczkowski Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet Mushroom Model Publications 2010 978-83-89450-51-7 160 pages, softcover, English language. Includes three-view line drawings in 1/72 and 1/48 scale, the former are printed on a removable fold-out sheet. No less than 35 color profiles, including of several captured aircraft.
Borisov Istrebitel Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet Eksprint 2008 48 pages, softcover
? Famous Airplanes of the World #123: Me163 Bunrindo 2007 softback magazine type booklet, 112 pages
Stephen Ransom, Hans-Hermann Cammann Me 163 Volume Two Classic Publications 2003 hardback, 214 pages
Stephen Ransom, Hans-Hermann Cammann Me 163 Volume One Classic Publications 2002 hardback, 224 pages, approximately 450 photographs, plus colour profiles and scale drawings. Currently the best and most comprehensive Komet reference
Przemyslaw Skulski Messerschmitt 163 Komet (Seria Pod Lupa 14) ACE Publication 2002 none 36 pages, Polish text, photo captions in English. 'Pod Lupa' means 'under magnifier'. Foreign distributor is AJAKS from Warsaw, cost about 10US$
? Messerschmitt 163 Komet - German rocket aircraft (38) ?, Moscow 2001 57 pages, Russian text. Approximately 87 black & white photos, 17 camouflage paint schemes including US, British, Russian and Japanese versions, 10 pages of drawings of DFS 94, DFS 194, DFS 40, Me 163A, Me 163B V6, Me 163B-0, Me 163B-1, Me 163S, Me 163C, Me 163D, Ju 248V1, J8M1 Shusui
Jens Nissen Museumstücke im Detail: Messerschmitt Me 163 VDM, Zweibrücken 2000 3-925489-30-7 50 pages with photos of the Berlin-Gatow Komet 191904, including many detail photos
Bartomiej Belcarz, Robert Peczkowski Me 163 Komet
(Aircraft monograph 7)
AJ Press, Poland 1997 89-86208-62-7 72 pages, excellent book, English text
Bartomiej Belcarz, Robert Peczkowski Me 163 Komet
(Monografie Lotnicze no. 35)
AJ Press, Poland 1997 ? 72 pages, Polish text
Nohara, Shiwaku Messerschmitt Me 163 & Heinkel He 162
(Aero Detail No. 10)
Dai-Nippon Kaiga Co., Ltd. 1994 4-499-22629-5
M. Emmerling, J. Dressel Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet (Vol. 2)
(Schiffer Military History No. 57)
Schiffer 1992 0-88740-403-0 Translation of German Waffen-Arsenal booklet
Bartlomiej Belcarz Samolot mysliwski Messerschmitt Me 163 B Komet Wydawnictwo Bellona, Warsaw 1990 83-11-07887-4 16 pages, full color, Polish text
Mano Ziegler Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet (Vol. 1)
(Schiffer Military History No. 20)
Schiffer 1990 0-88740-232-1 Translation of German Waffen-Arsenal booklet
Wolfgang Späte Top Secret Bird - The Luftwaffe's Me-163 Comet Pictoral Histories Publishing Company 1989 0-929521-08-0 Translation (and possibly extension) of 1983 German original
Wolfgang Späte Top Secret Bird Independent Books .. 1-872836-10-0 Translation (and possibly extension) of 1983 German original
M. Emmerling, J. Dressel Raketenjäger Me 163 (Band 2)
(Das Waffen-Arsenal Band 113)
Podzun-Pallas Verlag 1988 3-7909-0338-8
Mano Ziegler Rocket Fighter Bantam 1984, 1989 0-553-24179-6 ? Reissues of the translated 1961 German original. ISBN unsure, could apply to 1963 Doubleday issue. The paperback version is 188 pages
Wolfgang Späte Der Streng Geheime Vogel Me 163 Verlag fur Wehrwissenschaften, Munchen 1983 3-8219-0010-5 320 pages. Reissued by Nebel Verlag in 2003 with ISBN 3895551422 and possibly 336 instead of 320 pages.
Jeffrey Ethell Messerschmitt Komet - Entwicklung und Einsatz des ersten Raketenjägers Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart 1980 3-87943-444-1 German version of 1978 US original
Jeffrey Ethell Komet - The Messerschmitt 163 Ian Allan 1978 0-7110-0827-2
Jeffrey Ethell Komet - The Messerschmitt 163 Sky Books 1978 0-89402-071-4
Mano Ziegler Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet
(Das Waffen-Arsenal Band 32)
Podzun-Pallas Verlag 1977 3-7909-0061-3 In Action-like booklet
Mano Ziegler Rocket Fighter Squadron/Signal, USA / Arms and Armour Press, UK 1976 0-85368-161-9 Another issue of the translated 1961 German original. This version has over 70 illustrations
Wolfgang Späte, Bateson Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet
(Aircraft Profile No. 225)
Profile Publications 1971 ? 24 page booklet, with page numbers running from 49 to 72, likely because it was to be part of a bound volume.
Edward Maloney, Uwe Feist Messerschmitt 163
(Aero series 17)
Aero Publishers 1968 ?
Mano Ziegler Straaljager Me 163 Meulenhoff 1965 Dutch translation of 'Raketenjäger Me163'
Mano Ziegler Rocket Fighter Doubleday & Co, New York 1963 0-553-24179-6 ? Translation by Alexander Vanags of original 1961 German issue. ISBN unsure, could apply only to 1984 Bantam issue
Mano Ziegler Rocket Fighter MacDonald and Co 1963 UK issue of the translated 1961 German original.
Mano Ziegler Le Messerschmitt Diabolique Editions France-Empire 1961 French translation of 'Raketenjäger Me163' by G. Levy
Mano Ziegler Raketenjäger Me163 - Tatsachenbericht von einem der überlebte Motorbuch Verlag / Motor Presse Verlag, Stuttgart 1961-1996 3-87943-018-7 (1-5th issues)
3-87943-372-0 (6-12th issue)
Personal account of two years flying the Komet. Book version of articles appeared in Flug Revue magazine under the title 'Das Kraftei und ich'
Hellmuth Walter Report on rocket power plants based on T-substance (NACA TM-1170) NACA 1947 Translation of 'Berichte über die R-Triebwerke auf Grondlage des T-Stoffes' from 1943. 38 pages. Available as a PDF from the NASA Technical Report Service
- Ju 248 Baubeschreibung Junkers, Dessau 1944/45 - Factory description of the Ju 248 (formerly Me 263). A reprint is available from Peter Korrell Luftfahrtdokumente since August 2005. 52 pages in A4 size, with diagrams and drawings of the systems, general arrangement drawings and equipment list.
- Me 163B Flugzeug-Handbuch
Oberkommando der Luftwaffe 1944 - Mechanics handbook, about 300 pages. Several reprints of this handbook are available, but they are usually not complete. An English reprint contains only 5 chapters. The reprint sold by Luftfahrt Archiv Hafner contained 8 chapters, later likely extended up to and including 9B-H1. Also available on CD-ROM from the same publisher.
- Me 163B Bedienungsvorschrift-FL
L.Dv. T.2163B/Fl.
Oberkommando der Luftwaffe 1944 - Pilot's manual. A reprint was issued by Aerokit from Prague in (then) Czechoslovakia in 1991 with ISBN 80-85296-11-Xm. Available on CD-ROM from Luftfahrt Archiv Hafner.
- Me 163B Schusswaffenanlage
L.Dv. T.2163B/Wa.
Oberkommando der Luftwaffe 1944 - Armaments manual. Available on CD-ROM from Luftfahrt Archiv Hafner.

Books featuring the Me 163 as one of the main types

Writer Title Publisher Year ISBN Remarks
Jacek Pasieczny, Simon Schatz, Arkadiusz Wrobel Last Hope of the Luftwaffe: Me 163, He 162, Me 262 (Mini Topcolors 37) Kagero Productions 2014 978-83-62878-71-0 18 page booklet with decal sheet containing 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale markings. Komet markings are for V53, WNr 16310062, White 9, 1./JG 400 at Brandis, August 1944, White 10, 1./JG 400 at Brandis, February 1945 and V52, WNr 16310061, Yellow 1, 7./JG 400 at Nordholz, April 1945. Review at Internet Modeler
Manuel Thomas HWK109-509 A1 Motor - Volume 1 48 German Aircraft Blueprint Archive 2013 - 43 factory drawings of the HWK Walter rocket motor, digitally restored, bound in A4 format.
Eric Brown Wings of the Luftwaffe - Flying the captured German aircraft of world war II Hikoki 2010 978-1-902109-15-2 Updated version of the 1978 issue, with several aircraft types, photographs of the captured aircraft and color profiles added. 272 pages, over 200 photos, profiles and sectional drawings.
Eric Brown Wings on My Sleeve Phoenix 2007 0753822091 296 page autobiography of UK test pilot Eric Brown. Contrary to his 1978 book 'Wings of the Luftwaffe' he now reports to have flow the Komet under power, most likely making him the only Allied pilot to do so.
Joachim Hoehne, Randall Holden Glory Refused... The Memoirs of a Teenage Rocket Pilot of the Third Reich 2005 Story of the son of WW1 ace Otto Hoehne and WW2 Luftwaffe Generalmajor, who joined JG400 Komet in 1944 at age 17, first for training at Udetfeld, then as an operational pilot. Soft cover, 170 pages, 45 photos.
Rodrigo Hernandez Cabos Messerschmitt Me163 Komet & Me262 Schwalbe (Compendium Modelling Guide No. 25) 2003 64 pages, 200 colour photos and drawings
Olaf Przybilski Das Geheimnis der deutschen Raketen & Raketengetriebenen Fluggeräten (Spurensuche Band 10) Podzun-Pallas 2002 3790907634 Contents: Raketenspuren, Näheres vom Aggregat 4, Das HWK 109-509 in Farbe, Blumen in einer Me163, Ein "Kirschkren" aus Holz. 128 pages, approx. 120 illustrations
Manfred Griehl German Rocket Planes (Luftwaffe at War - 14) Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal 2000 1853674044 72 pages, 98 b&w illustrations
David Myhra Messerschmitt Me 263 (X-planes of the Third Reich series) Schiffer Military History 1999 0-7643-0909-9 70 pages
Manfred Griehl Jet Planes of the Third Reich - The Secret Projects (Volume One) Monogram Aviation Publications, USA 1998 0-91414-36-7 200 pages with 14 pages almost wholly devoted to the Me 163 and planned successors
Carl-Fredrik Geust, G.F. Petrov Red Stars Volume 2: German Aircraft in the Soviet Union Apali, Finland 1998 952-5026-06-X Pictorial history of the Soviet AF, containing several pictures of Me 163s with red stars. English and Finnish text
Mark Lazarevich Gallai Nebo, kotoroe obediniaet Russko-Baltiiskii informatsionnyi tsentr BLITS, Sankt-Peterburg 1997 ? Reissue of the memoires of a Russian test pilot, with an account of testing the Komet. See also the 1978 German version
Kenneth Merrick German Aircraft Interiors 1935-1945 Vol. 1 Monogram Aviation Publications 1996 0-914-144-41-3 Me 163B colour and b&w pictures, cockpit, side panels, dolly, blue prints, guns, rocket, history, plus also also Me 163A-1, Me 163C-1 and Ju 248V1
Stephen Ransom Zwischen Leipzig und der Mulde
Flugplatz Brandis 1935-1945
Stedinger Verlag, Lemwerder, Germany 1996 3-927697-09-5 Details of I/JG400 operations at Brandis
William Hess German Jets Versus the U.S. Army Air Force Specialty Press, North Branch 1996 0-933424-63-9 A blow-by-blow account of every encounter that the author could document between USAAF pilots and Me163s, 262s, and Ar234s.
Joachim Dressel, Manfred Griehl Die deutschen Raketenflugzeuge 1935-1945 - Die Entwicklung einer umwälzenden Technik Weltbild (or Bechtermünz) 1995 3-89350-692-6 198 pages
Botho Stüwe Peenemünde-West - Die Erprobungsstelle der Luftwaffe für geheime Fernlenkwaffen und deren Entwicklungsgeschichte Bechtle Verlag 1995 3-7628-530-X 850 pages of text about all aircraft and missiles tested at Peenemünde-West. 70 page chapter about the Me 163A and B
Jeffrey Ethell & Alfred Price World War II Fighting Jets Airlife, Shrewsbury 1994 1-85310-406-X 30 pages on the Komet
Carl-Fredrik Geust Under the Red Star Airlife, England 1993 1-85310-395-0 about the use of German a/c in Russia, with a chapter on the Me 163
? German Jets in W.W. II
(Model Art Special Issue No. 48 or 348)
Model Art 1990 ? Covers the Me 163, He 162 and Ar 234 in depth (almost identical to the Aero Detail books), plus limited coverage of all other jet engined types and designs (some 15). Has some unique pictures and nice detail drawings.
Don Berliner World War Two Jet Fighters, Scale Refernce Data Kalmbach Books 1982 0-89-024-041-8 b&w pics, 1/72 plans, detail pictures and history
Alexander Lippisch The delta wing - history and development University of Iowa press 1981 Likely an English translation of the 1976 'Ein Dreieck fliegt'
Jeffrey Ethell, Alfred Price Deutsche Düsenflugzeuge im Kampfeinsatz 1944/45 Motorbuch-Verlag 1981 3-87943-787-4 Translation of 'The German jets in combat'
Jeffrey Ethell, Alfred Price The German jets in combat Jane's 1979 137 pages, covers the Me 262, Ar 234 and Me 163
Mark Lasarewitsch Gallai Über unsichbaren Barrieren Militärverlag der DDR 1978 ? Memoires of a Russian test pilot, with an account of testing the Komet
Eric Brown Wings of the Luftwaffe - Flying German Aircraft of the Second World War Doubleday 1978 0-38513-521-1 176 pages with a 10 page chapter about Brown's flying experiences with the Me 163B. There are several reissues: one from Macdonald and Jane's with ISBN 0-35401-075-1 (1977), a hardcover by Airlife Pub Ltd with ISBN 0-906393-88-4 from 1987, a hardcover by Presidio Pr with ISBN 0-89141-297-2 from July 1987, and recently a softcover by Airlife Pub Ltd with ISBN 1-85310-413-2 (January 2001).
- Luftfahrt Handbuch 3
Bilder, Texte, Dokumente
E.S. Mittler und Sohn GmbH, Herford 1978 3-87547-180-6 A5 size bound compilation of Luftfahrt International issues 7, 8 and 9. Contains the same 44 page article as the magazine article
Alexander Lippisch Erinnerungen Luftfahrtverlag Axel Zuerl 1976 ? Biography. 264 pages with photos. One of twenty chapters deals with the Komet.
Alexander Lippisch, F. Trenkle Ein Dreieck fliegt; die Entwicklung der Delta-Flugzeuge bis 1945 Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart 1976 3-87943-467-0 Describes all of Lippisch' designs, with many pages spent on paper designs. Relatively little hard information on the realised designs, including the Me 163A and Me 163B
William Green Rocket fighter; Illustrated history of WWII - Weapons book no. 20 Ballantine Books 1971 - 160 pages, pocket format. Features German, Russian and British rocket planes. Reissued in 1976
James C. Sparks Winged rocketry Dodd, Mead & Company, New York c. 1968 LoCCCN
18 page chapter on the Me 163. Others include He 112, He 176, He 178, Ju 287, Me 262, Natter, V-1, V-2, A-4b, V-9, V-10, Saenger, Baka and Ohka.
Martin Windrow German Fighters of WWII, volume 1 1968 64 pages, with over a dozen color plates. Covers the Messerschmitt Bf 109, 110, Me 210, Me 410, Me 163 and Me 262 plus selection of Luftwaffe unit insignia
William Green Famous fighters of the second world war 1957 Accounts of 17 important WWII fighters, including the Me 163. 128 pages, 230 photogrpahs, 140 profiles

Books containing some Me 163 information

Writer Title Publisher Year ISBN Remarks
A. Alexander - G. Petrov Die Deutschen Flugzeuge in russischen und sowjetischen Diensten 1914-1951 (Band 2) Flugzeug Publikations 1997 3-927132-45-4 300 pages
Marek Murawski Aircraft Aces 2 Kagero 2005 83-89088-44-4 32 page booklet with a decal set in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scales for three German aces: Joseph Priller, Hans Waldman and Wolfgang Späte (5 pages, 4 b&w photos). Polish and English text.
Kenneth Merrick, Jürgen Kiroff Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings 1933-1945 Volume one Ian Allan Publishing 2004 1-903-223-38-5 Me 163B colour and b&w pictures
Michael Ullman Luftwaffe Colours 1935-1945 Hikoki 2002 1-902-109-34-1 English-text reissue of German issue, Me 163B camo pattern
Dieter Herwig, Heinz Rode Luftwaffe Secret Projects, Ground Attack & Special Purpose Aircraft Midland 2002 1-857-80-150-4 Me 163B brief description, plus these projects: version with four 4 guns, with BT 700 Bombentorpedo, and Me 263
Justo Miranda, P. Mercado Packfile no.2: German rocket planes Reichdreams Research Services ~2002 200 pages including 1/72 scale drawings of 98 airplanes (including the Me 163B) together with a brief history and technical data (English text).
Heinrich Beauvais, Karl Kössler, Max Mayer, Christoph Regel German secret flight test centres to 1945 Midlands Publishing 2002 English translation of "Flugerprobungsstellen bis 1945". A very quick glimpse showed about 1 1/2 page dedicated to the Me 163.
Jose Miguel Romana Aviones a reaccion del III Reich Status Ediciones 2001 84-923-596-7-6 Spanish text. Me 163A and 163B history, colour and b&w pics, pictures lifted from websites without permission
Shigeru Nohara Camouflage & Markings of the Luftwaffe aircraft Vol. 1 Day fighters Model Art 2000 Japanese text. Me 163A & B and Me 263 V1 colour and b&w plates
Roger Ford German Secret Weapons In World War II Amber Books, Kent 2000 1-86227-090-2 144 pages, hardback. Three pages of Me 163
Heinrich Beauvais, Karl Kössler, Max Mayer, Christoph Regel Flugerprobungsstellen bis 1945: Johannisthal, Lipesk, Rechlin, Travemünde, Tarnewitz, Peenemünde-West (Die deutsche Luftfahrt Nr. 27) Bernard & Graefe Verlag 1998 364 pages
Gary Hyland, Anton Gill Last Talons of the Eagle - Secret Nazi Technology Which Could Have Changed The Course of World War II Headline Books, London 1998 0-7472-2156-1 280 pages, hardback. Several mentions of Me 163, one grayscale artist's impression of Me 263 / Ju 248.
Barry Ketley, Mark Rolfe Luftwaffe emblems 1939-1945 Hikoki Publications 1998 0-6519899-7-9
David Myhra Secret aircraft design of the Third Reich Schiffer military history books 1998 0-7643-0564-6
Joachim Dressel, Manfred Griehl The Luftwaffe Album Arms & Armour Press 1997 1-85409-409-2 192 pages, hardback, six pages of Me 163
Philippe Ricco, Jean-Claude Soumille Les Avions Allemands aux Couleurs Francaises, Tome 2 Association Airdoc 1997 French text book on German aircraft captured and evaluated by the French Air Force. Part 1 (Tome 1) deals with WW1 and WW2 types from Arado to Heinkel, Part 2 (Tome 2) with the remaining types, including the Messerschmitt Komet. About 100 pages.
Dennis Piszkiewicz From Nazi Test Pilot to Hitler's Bunker: The Fantastic Flights of Hanna Reitsch Praeger, Westport 1997 0-275-95456-0 140 pages with picture section. Has a 12 page chapter titled "The Rocket Plane" about Reitsch's Komet experiences
Carl-Fredrik Geust, Kalevi Keskinen, Kari Stenman Red Stars Volume 1: Soviet air force in world war two Apali, Finland 1995 951-95821-4-2
Pictorial history of the Soviet AF, containing several pictures of Me 163s with red stars. English and Finnish text
Hugh Morgan, John Weal German Jet Aces of World War 2 (Osprey Aircraft of the Aces No 17) Osprey Publishing, London 1995 1-85532-634-5 The book focuses on the Me 262 but also mentions the other jet types and the Me 163. A brief operational history of the Me 163 is given
David Donald, Bill Gunston, Jon Lake, David Mondey Warplanes Of The Luftwaffe Aerospace Publishing, London 1994 1-880588-1-2 254 pages of colour and black and white photos, colour profiles and cutaway drawings of 70 German aircraft. 7 pages on the Me 163
? Luftwaffe Warbirds Photo Album, Vol. 6 Delta Publishing 1994
Ralf Schnabel Die Illusion der Wunderwaffen - Die Rolle der Düsenflugzeuge und Flugabwehrraketen in der Rüstungspolitik des Dritten Reiches R. Oldenbourg Verlag, München 1994 3-486-55965-6 Subtitled 'Beiträge zur Militärgeschichte Band 35, Schriftenreihe des Militärgeschichtliches Forschungsamtes'. Very small part dedicated to the Me 163
Keith Schuyler Elusive Horizons Avon, New York 1992 0-380-76574-8 The account of an American B-24 pilot's missions over Germany. Contains a curious reference of a red plane climbing very fast and firing rockets during a raid on Hamm on 22 April, 1944.
Hanna Reitsch The Sky, my Kingdom Greenhill, London 1991 1-85367-262-9 Formerly issued as 'Flying is my life' (1954). Has a 9-page chapter on her Me163 experiences, focussing on her crash, and her feelings about flying the aircraft
Judy Lomax Flying for the Fatherland Bantam 1991 0-553-29321-4 Biography of Hanna Reitsch. Fourteen page chapter "High and Low", again mostly concentrating on the crash.
Günter Schmitt, Angelika Hofmann, Thomas Hotmann, Hans-Joachim Mau Junkers, Bildatlas aller Flugzeugtypen / Pictorial Record of all aircraft 1910-1945 Motorbuch Verlag 1990 3-613-01339-8 German/English, Ju 248 brief description
Fred Koger Countdown! 35 Daylight Missions Against Nazi Germany Algonquin Books, Chapel Hill 1990 0-945575-17-3 B-17 bombadier's story. Includes 6 page report of Komet attack over Merseburg
Jan Derix Vliegveld Venlo (parts 1 and 2) Derix Tekstprodukties, Horst 1990 90-73401-01-1
Dutch text, some resistance reports of Me 163 flights.
Several authors, foreword by Bill Gunston Jane's fighting aircraft of World War II Bracken Books 1989 1-85170-1990 reprint of 1946 edition from Jane's, brief description of Me 163B
Judy Lomax Flying for the Fatherland John Murray, London 1988 0-7195-4571-4 Biography of Hanna Reitsch. Fourteen page chapter 'High and Low', mostly concentrating on her Komet crash
Simon Parry, Frank Marshall Colours of the Luftwaffe Clifford Frost Ltd. 1987 ?
Johannes Reinike Chronik des Flugplatzes Zwischenahn Cramer Druck, Westerstede 1986 ? History of Bad Zwischenahn airfield. The third issue was published in 1986, 128 pages. An earlier issue is from 1968-1970, 70 pages.
Judy Lomax Women of the Air John Murray 1986 0 7195 4293 6 Thirteen page chapter on Reitsch- "Hanna Reitsch - Patriot". Just over a page on the Me163, focussing again on the crash
Bernd Barbas Planes of the Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Vol.1 Kookaburra 1985 0-85880-048-9 Me 163B b&w pictures
Bernd Barbas Planes of the Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Vol.2 Kookaburra 1985 0-85880-050-0 JG400 history, Me 163B b&w and colour pictures, colour plate
David Masters German Jet Genesis Jane's 1982 0-71-06-01-867 Me 163A, B & C b&w pictures, data and history
Walter J Boyne The Aircraft Treasures of Silver Hill Rawson, New York 1982 0-89256-216-1 a description and type-history of some of the more notable aircraft in the NASM collection
Ken Merrick, Thomas Hitchcock The Official Monogram Painting Guide to German Aircraft 1935-1945 Monogram Aviation Publications 1980 0-914144-29-4
Henry V. Borst The Aerodynamics of the Unconventional Air Vehicles of A. Lippisch Henry V. Borst and Associates, Wayne Pennsylvania 1980, 1998 - Discusses basic aerodynamic theory, V/STOL Concepts, Ground Effect Machines as well as delta nd tailess theory and reviews the contribution of Alexander Lippisch’s contributions to the various fields. No dedicated discussion of the Me-163. One detail photo (pg. 5-21) of Me-163A leading edge slots. Reissued in 1998
J.R. Smith, G.G. Pentland, R.P. Lutz The modeller's Luftwaffe Painting Guide Kookaburra 1979 0-85880-033-0 Me 163B camo pattern, stencils, colour pictures
Kenneth S. West The Captive Luftwaffe
(Putnam Aeronautical series)
Putnam 1978 0-370-30020-3 147 pages, hardback. Attempts to list all the WW2 German a/c captured by the British. It features a 6 page writeup on the Me 163 with photographs of some of the surviving examples. The book seems to be the sum of several magazine articles that were published in Aircraft Illustrated over the previous years, including a 4 page article in the April 1970 issue (see below).
Tony Wood, Bill Gunston Hitler's Luftwaffe Salamander Books 1977 0-86101-005-1 Me 163B brief history, colour profiles from Air International, also Me 263
J. R. Smith, J.D. Gallaspy Luftwaffe Camouflage & Markings 1935-45 Vol 3 Kookaburra 1977 0-85880-020-9 Me 163B b&w and colour pics
Kenneth Merrick German Aircraft Markings 1939-1945 Ian Allan Ltd 1977 0-7110-0739-X Me 163B, two b&w pictures
? Maru Magazine Vol. 9 1976 Japanese text. B&W pictures of captured Me 163B FE-500, cockpit
James Gilbert The world's worst aircraft M & J Hobbs, Walton-on-Thames 1975 10-page chapter on the Me 163, very biased, misquotes Ziegler to show what a bad aircraft the Komet was. Also published by St. Martin's Press, New York, 1975.
J.R. Smith, A.L. Kay, German Aircraft of the Second World War Nautical & Aviation Pulishing Company of America, Baltimore 1972 0-933852-97-5
J. Richard Smith Messerschmitt - An aircraft album Ian Allan 1971 7-110-0224-X Me 163A & B and Me 263 full history, b&w pictures
Martin Windrow German Air Force Fighters of World War Two: Volume One
(Combat Planes of World War Two series)
Doubleday 1971 ?
William Green Warplanes of the Third Reich
Macdonald & Co 1970 356-02382-6 672 pages, hardback, with 12 pages of Me 163
William Green Warplanes of the Third Reich Galahad Books, New York 1970 0-88365-666-3
Roger A. Freeman The Mighty Eighth: Units, Men, and Machines Macdonald, London 1970 0-356-02662-0 Has details of Komet encounters in a chapter called "The Jet Menace"
Karl Ries Jr Dora Kurfürst und rote 13 - band 4 Verlag Dieter Hoffman, Mainz 1969 - hardback, 192 pages of Luftwaffe photographs, including two images of Me 163
Edward T. Maloney Luftwaffe Aircraft and Aces The Air Museum, Ontario, California 1969 ? 152 page card cover book. Edited and illustrated by Donald W. Thorpe. Contains an entry for the Me 163 with a photo of a captured a/c T-2-500, a photo of a Me 163 cockpit with most of the gauges stripped, plus a photo and specifications for the Walter 109-509 rocket motor.
Edward J. Hoffschmidt German Aircraft Guns WWI-WWII WE Inc., Old Greenwich, Conn 1969 - 182 pages, hard cover. Amongst others gives in-depth write-ups with illustrations of the Rheinmetall MK 108 plus its ammunition
Rowland F. Pocock German Guided Missiles Ian Allan, London 1967 - 120 pages, hard cover. Contains a couple of references to the use of the Me 163 in trials of the Ruse missile location system, 1944-45.
Hanna Reitsch Flying is my life Putnam, New York 1954 ? 246 pages, illustrated. Translation of the German book 'Fliegen ist mein Leben' (1951). Later this book was reissued as 'The sky, my kingdom'
Hanna Reitsch Fliegen - mein Leben Herbig 1951 ?

Me 163 magazine articles

Writer Title Magazine Issue ISSN Remarks
? Me 163 - Riding the Reich's rocket Flight Journal ? (P-38 cover) ?
? Messerschmitt Me 163 im Detail Aero Issue 77 ?
James E. Eskelin Armament: The Messerschmitt Me-163 rocket fighter was surprisingly easy to fly but extremely dangerous to land World War II magazine January 2000 2 page article, summing up the Komet's development, action and problems
? Military Aircraft Issue #41 (November 1998) Japanese-language magazine. Subject of this issue are German rocket fighters and Japanese aircraft code-names. Black and white photos and illustrations. B5 size, 158 pages, soft cover.
S. Cvetkov Sem' Minut Strakha (Seven minutes of fear) Monografiya Istoriya Grafika (MIG) ... 1998 ? General history of the Me 163 (in Russian)
Frank Mormillo Chino's German Rockets Aeroplane Monthly September 1997 about the replica Komet and Natter in the Planes of Fame museum
Alfred Price, Jeffery Ethell Messerschmitt 163, un avion trop loin... Le Fana de l'Aviation February 1997, issue 327 18 page article, translated into French
? German Jets of WWII (1) Military Aircraft (Delta Publishing, Tokyo) January 1996 (Vol 6, No 1) ? 20 pages about the Komet, plus He280, Ar234, Horten IX, and Ba349, Japanese text
? Reaktivnye Istrebiteli Luftwaffe (The Jet Fighters Of The Luftwaffe) Belayia Seriya (The White series) Issue 1 (1993) ? 32 page A4 size supplement to Russian modeling magazine 'M-Hobby'. It contains articles about Me 163, Me 262 and He 162, some drawings, but no photos
? ? Koku Fan 9-1991 ? contains 15 photos of Cosford Me 163B WNr 191614 plus all-Japanese text
A. Alexandrow, M. Griehl Die zweisitzige Me 163 Flugzeug 6/91 ? 5 pages on the Me 163S
Albert Hemingway The man who rode the rocket Aviation Heritage January 1991 ? Interview with famous Komet pilot Rudy Opitz
Me 163 goes home Flypast June 1988 (number 83) Most likely an article about the St Athan Komet moving to Oldenburg
Brian Johnson Flugkapitän Hanna Reitsch- part 4 Aeroplane Monthly September 1985 0143-7240 Four page article in a series of five, this one dealing with Me 163 (two pages), Fi 103 and, Me 328. Nothing new or unique is reported.
? Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet War Machine 14 (1984) Single-page entry about the Komet
Robert Olejnik Messerschmitt's mighty midget - part 3 Aeroplane Monthly October 1983 0143-7240 Account of the 1./JG400 commander
Robert Olejnik Messerschmitt's mighty midget - part 2 Aeroplane Monthly August 1983 0143-7240 Account of the 1./JG400 commander
Robert Olejnik Messerschmitt's mighty midget - part 1 Aeroplane Monthly July 1983 Account of the 1./JG400 commander
Last of Luftwaffe - exclusive color photos Airfoil 1983 Unique color photos of blown-up Komets at Brandis, after its capture by American troops
? ? (probably 'Messerschmitt 163') Koku-Fan October 1982 ? 14 pages of drawings and probably some more text pages
? Shooting down a Me 163 Komet Air Classics February 1982 (Volume 18 Number 2) ?
? Aerial Combat Between Me163 and Mustangs Air Classics May 1977 (Volume 15 Number 3) ?
? Me 163 Rocket Fighter Pt II - Attacking the bomber stream Airpower May 1977 (Volume 7 Number 3) ?
? Me 163 Rocket Fighter Airpower April 1977 (Volume 7 Number 2) ?
? Dr. Lippisch's Tailless Me 163 Comet (probably) Wings April 1977 ?
? Messerschmitt Me 163 Luftfahrt International May/June 1975 ? 44 page article
? Me 163, das Kraftei Damals 5/1975 ? German magazine. Magazine title translates into 'Back then'
? Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet Rocket Fighter Air Enthusiast September 1972 includes cutaway drawing
? Me 163 Komet Plans and sketches (?) Aircraft Illustrated September 1971
Kenneth S. West Spoils of War Aircraft Illustrated April 1970 4 page article which lists quite a few of the 250 allocated AM numbers including the 21 Me 163 numbers.
Wolfgang Späte The Messerschmitt Me 163 Air BP No 37 (1967) ? 4 page article
Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet color schemes Flying Review International March 1965 (Vol 20 No 6) Also includes articles about the L-29 Delphin trainer, Macchi MB326, BAC One-Eleven and Fiat CR.32 biplane fighter
The Komet RAF Flying Review May 1963 profile article with cut-away drawing of the Messerschmitt Me 163B Komet
Weltluftfahrt 16 June 1955 (Band VII / Heft 6) Reported contents are: Me 163, Kraftei, Späte, Dittmar, Reitsch, Opitz, Voy, Ziegler, Lippisch, Kiel, Pöhs, Kranich III, von Kunowski, Marcelle Choisnet, Radatz, Nehring, Bücker 181. Later became Flugrevue
Weltluftfahrt 25 August 1955 (Band VII / Heft 8) Reported contents are: Reitsch, Pierre, Heinzel, Remm, Huth, Hahn, Me 163, Opitz, Pitz, Galland, Holtey, Geyer, Späte, Pöhs, Kraftei, Kaseloswi, Sieg, Woodward, Silesmo, Frowein, HKS, Heidmüller, Piesk, Stamer. Later became Flugrevue
William Green The Komet Story RAF Flying Review December 1956 states: "This chapter is reproduced from the book published by MacDonald."
Me 163 Rocket Fighter (probably) RAF Flying Review June 1954 articles on Me 163, Yak 23 Russia's export fighter, night fighter ace Group Captain John Cunningham, Japan's last ditch effort, pictures of Japanese WW2 aircraft including Yokosuka J8M1 Shusui
? Rocket engine Mechanix Illustrated April 1946 - 2 page article on the Walter HWK 109-509 engine
? Luftwaffe Data at Wright Field, Dayton Ohio Aero Digest (incl. Aviation Engineering) January 1946 (volume 52 number 1) - photos of Luftwaffe jets: Heinkel 162, Messerschmitt 262A, Arado 234 and Me 163 without wings
Messerschmitt Komet (?) Aeroplane Spotter magazine No.153 (1946) Issue contains information on the Fireball, Short Seaford, Messerschmitt Komet, Bristol Freighter and Wayfarer, Hotspur, Heinkel He 111Z, Mustang and Marchetti SM92

Me 163 novels

Writer Title Publisher Year ISBN Remarks
P. Paus Raketenjäger. Die Geschichte der zukunftsweisenden Waffengattung (Großband Nr. 551) Der Landser Very extensive series of WW2 related stories. Possibly weekly issue. This specific issue is also contained in a compilation (Landser Sammelband Nr. 287)
P. Paus Raketenflieger Me 163 (Großband Nr. 327) Der Landser Very extensive series of WW2 related stories. Possibly weekly issue.
Heinz Nowarra Raketenjäger - Das technisch-historische Porträt einer revolutionären Flugzeug-Gattung (Großband Nr. 373) Der Landser January 1975 Very extensive series of WW2 related stories. Possibly weekly issue.
Bertold K. Jochim Achtung Raketenjäger (Großband Nr. 41) Der Landser 1959 Very extensive series of WW2 related stories. Possibly weekly issue.
Armin Relling Die ersten Raketenpiloten (Kleinband 171) Der Landser likely very old Very extensive series of WW2 related stories. Possibly weekly issue.
? Raketenjäger (Band 1055) Der Landser recent Very extensive series of WW2 related stories. Possibly weekly issue.
Hans Holl Fliegergeschichten Nr.129: Raketenjäger greifen an ~1957 32 pages, some photos. The story of Feldwebel Jandrich, sent to Salzwedel to fly the Komet. It is not known whether Hans Holl or Fw. Jandrich was a real Komet pilot. They are not listed in the Ransom/Cammann book, but I believe I read somewhere it was a true, but edited, account of a Komet pilot, formely flying Bf 109 und FW 190.
? Fliegergeschichten Nr.105: Die grosse Bewährung 1957 Contains photos of the Messerschmitt Me 163

Me 163 modelling articles

Writer Title Magazine Issue ISSN Remarks
James Hatch Shooting Star Tamiya Model Magazine April 2014 (issue 222) An eight pages article on building the Meng model, in bare metal and wood. It looks spectacular, but there are some technical errors. The leading edge section of the wing was wood too (not metal), and all control surfaces were fabric covered, not metal. The wooden wing skin panels were made of a patchwork of small veneer sheets, all oriented at 45 degrees.

The list has a big gap of around 13 years here

Angus Creighton Komet tales Tamiya Magazine Dec 2000/Jan 2001 (issue 83) Six page article about building the Trimaster/Dragon 1/48 kit, illustrated with almost 30 color photographs. The author built an early and late Komet, paying a lot of attention to the subtle differences. Aircraft modeled are 'White 41' and "White 18'
William Steidl Detailing Hasegawa's Me 163B FineScale Modeler October 2000 deals with detailing the cockpit and wheel dolly, and a complete wiring of the rocket engine. Available as a a downloadable file on the FineScale Modeler site
Nicolas J Wigman Komet - Modelling Dragon's 1/48th scale Me 163B-1a Scale Aviation Modeller International May 2000 5 page article on building the Dragon (ex Trimaster, now Revell) 1/48 Me 163B, with 25 photos of the build
? (unknown title) Replic February 2000 (#102) 3 or 4 page article on building the Revell (ex Dragon, ex Trimaster) 1/48 Me 163B, using wrong camo scheme for 'White 54'. Also 2 pages of pictures of real Komets, including three rare pictures of a French-captured example
Jean-Philippe Fauvarque 1/48 CzechModel Me 263/Ju 248 Wing Masters September-October 1999 (#12) Article on the 1/48 CzechModel Me 263/Ju 248 by Jean-Philippe Fauvarque (in French). This model can also be seen on Jean-Philippe's modelling site
Aurelio Ruiz Killer Komet FineScale Modeler April 1999 ? Diorama of 1/32 Hasegawa Komet
? ? Wing Masters May 1998 brief review of MPM 1/72 Me 163S (in French)
Christophe Wozny 1/48 Le Me 163 Komet Wing Masters March-April 1998 (#3) A 'Brandis' diorama feauring a Dragon Komet with its tail detached by Christophe Wozny (in French)
Ian M. Day Only a flea but... Oho! IPMS Magazine (IPMS-UK) Issue 3/98 ? 1/72 kit comparison, and construction of Airfix Komet
? ? Scale Aviation Modelling 3 March 1998 (#4) brief comentary on Czech Masters 1/48 Me 263
? ? Todo Modelismo August 1997 Arba 1/72 Me 163C (resin model) and Huma 1/72 Me 263, detailed article, FS matches (in Spanish)
? ? Todo Modelismo May 1997 Hasegawa 1/32 Me 163B and Dragon 1/48 Me 163S, very detailed, colour construction pictures, exhaustive, colour camo drawings (in Spanish)
? ? Todo Modelismo March 1997 Condor 1/72 Me 163A, sketches, serial numbers, colour matches (in Spanish)
? ? Scale Modeler June 1995
? ? Plastic Kit Constructor #37 (spring 1994) brief review of Condor 1/72 Me 163A
? Me 163 Komet (probably) Airfix Magazine Vol 2 No 2 (around September 1991) ? Me 163 kit comparison
? ? Scale Models November 1992 brief review of Dragon 1/48 Me 163B
? ? Scale Models August 1991 Mail on April 1991 article
Ralf Nordwig Das Kraftei für Anfänger Flugzeug 6/91 ? 1 1/2 page building report of Trimaster 1/48 model
? ? Scale Models April 1991 Two page article, showing stencilling, six B&W profiles, and insignias
? ? Scale Models February 1991 brief review of Trimaster 1/48 Me 163B
? ? Scale Aircraft Modelling 4 January 1991 (#13) brief review of Trimaster 1/48 Me 163B and S
Richard Reynolds It's all a question of money Airfix Magazine November 1990 Comparison between the 1/48 Italeri (read Hawk/Testors) and Trimaster Komet models
? ? Air Action July 1990 brief review of Trimaster 1/48 Me 163B (in French)
? Warpaint Me 163 Komet Aviation News 2-15 March 1990 2 pages filled with 17 color profiles, drawn by Hubert Cance
? ? Air Forces International November 1989 1/72 Me 163B plans
? ? Air Forces International October 1989 Me 163B B&W and detail pictures, camo schemes and FS matches, 1/48 plans , sketches
? ? Air Forces International September 1989 brief review of the Huma 1/72 Me 263
? ? FanAviation September 1989 Colour pictures of Me 163B in Canadian Museum (in French)
? Modeling a Messerschmitt Me 163B Komet to 1/32 scale Fine Scale Modeler February 1988 Article on 1/32 Hasegawa Me 163B, very detailed, B&W and colour construction picturess, 1/48 plans, detail pictures
? Nazi Komet - detailing a Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet in 1/48th scale Scale Models Magazine April 1987 (Vol. 22, No. 4) using the Testors kit
? ? Scale Models August 1984 brief review of Airmodel 1/72 Me 163B
Carl McLaughlin Modeling smoke and fire -
an Me 163 in flight
FineScale Modeler May/June 1984 features a spectacular take-off diorama of a 1/72 Heller Komet
? ? Aerei Modelismo September 1982 brief review of Italeri/Testors 1/48 Me 163B (in Italian)
J. Reece ? Plastic Aircraft Modelling #37 (February 1980) brief comments on Hasegawa 1/32 Me 163B, 1/32 plans, Museum of Flight in East Fortune
? ? Plastic Aircraft Modelling #31 (August 1979) B&W pictures of Me 163B
? Take a pot of Red Paint Plastic Aircraft Modelling #20 (winter 1978) In a series on overall red planes: Airfix and Heller 1/72 Me 163B, Hasegawa 1/32 Me 163B
? Komet - the Me 163 Airfix Magazine August 1978
? Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet Rocket Fighter with Ground Transporter Scale Modeler December 1977
? ? Modell Fan November 1977 contains several b&w profiles
? ? Scale Models September 1977 B&W pictures of Me 163B
staff ? Scale Models August 1977 Airfix and Heller 1/72 Me 163B reviews, 1/72 plans, 4 colour camo drawings
Neil Robinson ? Plastic Aircraft Modelling #17 (April/June 1977) Brief comparison of Heller and Airfix 1/72 Me 163B's
Bryan Philpott Modeling World War 2 fighters Airfix magazine guide 25 1977 64 pages book, B&W photos, line drawings and text on building 1/72 scale models of Me 163, Gladiator, Hurricane, Spitfire, Seafire, Me 262, A6M Zero and F4U-1D Corsair
? Ein Schlepper für die Me 163 Modell Magazin 1/77 or 2/77
? Me 163B ? Scale Models March 1974
Don Greer Hasegawa Komet - Squadron/Rubin pilot Squadron Magazine Fall 1973 (Volume 3 Number 4) Three page article, including one page with profile drawings
? Rocket Fighter - Kit Review: Minicraft's Me 163 Wings Magazine December 1973 most likely a review of the Hasegawa 1/32 model
? Super Scale ME 163 Komet Rocket Fighter Scale Modeler November 1973
? Messerschmitt Bf 163 Scale Models April 1971 This article is about the Bf 163 STOL plane, and not Me 163!
? German Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet Rocket Powered Fighter Scale Modeler August 1970 (Vol 5, No 8)
Les Hunt The Vintage Scene No. 8 - Messerschmitt Me 163 Scale Models July 1970 (Vol 1, No 10) Full title is: "The Vintage Scene No. 8 - Messerschmitt Me 163 - The fabulous 'KOMET' is well preserved reports LES HUNT in this survey of survivors". The article includes very nice MAP plans drawn by Ian Stair
? ? IPMS Magazine (UK) December 1965 probably about Komet markings

Me 163 radio control modelling articles

Writer Title Magazine Issue ISSN Remarks
Mike Leasure A 1/12-Scale Foam-wing Messerschmitt Model Airplane News July 1999 4 page article
George Leu Scale Techniques: Me 163 Komet Project Model Airplane News April 1999 half page article on Me 163 RC models
Ray Juschleus Sal's Dream Model Aviation November 1998 ? 2 page article on building an RC Komet and having Rudolf Opitz come over to watch it fly!
Stan Alexander Why Not Model...Me163 Model Aviation November 1998 ? 4 page article about the original WWII aircraft
? Messerschmitt Me 163B-1A - World's first rocket interceptor American Aircraft Modeler July 1969 ?

Me 163 technical reports

Writer Title Publisher Year ISBN Remarks
Albert Piccirillo The Me 163 Komet, development and operational experience American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 1997 AIAA paper 1997-5627. 18 pages
Lt. Robert J. Ford Interim report no. 1 on Me-163 T2 section located in Edwards archives
? Eingehende Beschreibung der Me 163 A und B mit Erlauterungen der Besonderheiten fur die Zwecke der Hochgeschwindigkeit und der Hohenfliegerei Translation: 'Detailed description of the Me 163 A and B with explanations of the characteristics for the purposes of high speed and high altitude flight'. Post war interrogation report, which seem to deal mostly with the fuselage. Located in the Cranfield University library.
? CIOS XXXII - 37: Messerschmitt Aircraft Design Located at Duxford. Included a reports list, including one interesting report that contains line drawings of wings, tail surfaces, flaps and slats, of Me 262 and 163 models (planforms and airfoil sections), microfilmed at Oberammergau. This report itself is not yet found however.

Me 163 videos

Producer/director Title Produced by Year Order nr Remarks
Deutsche Düsenjäger im 2. Weltkrieg PTM Entertainment German production, 53 minutes of footage of Me 262, Arado 234, Me 163 and He 162
Famous warplanes Volume 12: Messerschmitt Me 262 and Me 163 Komet DD Video 1999 UK Series of 26 videos each containing the profile of two aircraft.
Flugzeuge der Deutschen Luftwaffe - Me 163 Videopilot Archiv / Network Projects This appears to be German version of the 1993 Network Projects video. To be confirmed
Colin Grub Me 163 Komet - El Increíble avión cohete de Hitler Kalender Video SA / Network Projects 1995 50803 Spanish version of the 1993 Network Projects video. 50 minutes duration.
Colin Grub Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet
Wings of the Luftwaffe/Great Planes of the Luftwaffe number 7
Network Projects 1993 DD 587 50 minutes duration. If you have problems finding this video, try International Historic Films.
Colin Grub, Luke Swann Rocket weapons
Wings of the Luftwaffe: Vengeance
Discovery Channel / Network Projects 1992 3 tape set, 120 min each, Vol. 4: Fighter attack, Vol. 6: Jet power, Vol. 7: Rocket weapons
? Die Deutsche Luftwaffe No.7 - Jet Fighters, Jet Bombers & V-Weapons VAF Vaduz, Lichtenstein ? CHR021 distributed by Chronos Films, UK. Very little Komet coverage, and not very professional

Me 163 CD's

Producer/director Title Produced by Year Order nr Remarks
Claus Reuter German Airpower: Me 163 Komet S.R. Research & Publishing 2000 CD-ROM with 250 pages. ISBN 1894643003.

Me 163 DVD's

Producer/director Title Produced by Year Order nr Remarks
Volker Schröder Das Kraftei - Raketenjäger Me 163 B Komet Kommunikations-
design Volker Schröder
2006 Expected release date August 2006. Contains interviews with pilots Günter Andreas, Reinhard Opitz, Rudolf Opitz, Kurt Schiebeler, and replica builder and pilot Josef Kurz. 94 minutes in black and white and color, German text. An English-language version will follow.
James Duffy Wings of Fire - The Messerschmitt Me-163 Rocket Aero 2006 Various films and a slide show of still photos
Deutsche Düsenjäger im II. Weltkrieg EMS 2001 48 minutes. Footage of Me 262, Arado 234, Me 163 and He 162. Trailershow, Promptview, menu functions. Either with German text, or English text and German subtitles

Me 163 comics

Artist Title Magazine Issue ISSN Remarks
? Lofty's one-man Luftwaffe Battle picture weekly 5 April 1975 Three page story
Juan Giminez La escoba del Diablo ? ? Nine page story, script by Ricardo Barreiro

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