Me 163B aircraft system weights

by Stephen Endersby

Several sources give the gross weight of the Me 163B at take off and landing. Below is a weight breakdown of the aircraft, taken from a translation of a Messerschmitt constructional report, dated August 1943, found in PRO file AIR 40/198. As more information becomes available the table will be refined. Currently, the weight breakdown shows a small discrepancy between the empty weight plus pilot (1877 kg) and the landing weight (1900 kg), but the 23 kg probably account for remaining fuels. Another factor is the main undercarriage dolly, that shouldn't be present after take-off. In that case 103 kg is not accounted for. Note that the weight breakdown applies to a Komet armed with two MG 151/20 guns, and not the MK 108 cannon-armed series version.


     Fuselage 278 kg
Skid & Tail wheel 80 kg
Main undercarriage dolly 80 kg
Tail unit 22 kg
Control surfaces 37 kg
Wings 394 kg
Camouflage paint and putty     21 kg
912 kg

Power unit

     Power unit HWK RII 211 166 kg
Fuel installation 200 kg
Operational installation 3 kg
369 kg

Permanent equipment

     Instruments 9 kg
Electrical installation 92 kg
Hydraulic installation 45 kg
146 kg

Additional equipment

     Flying & navigational instruments 7 kg
Safety & rescue equipment 13 kg
Wireless installation 39 kg
Armour 166 kg
Armament 125 kg
350 kg

Additional weight

     T - fuel 1550 kg
C - fuel 468 kg
Pilot, parachute & special equipment 100 kg
Consumption for 2 MG 151/20 55 kg
2173 kg

All up weight

3950 kg

Landing weight

1900 kg

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