Me 163B 3100xx 'White 54'

Please note that this page, along with the 'White 42' page, has been revised extensively,
after the discovery of extensive tail swopping in the USA. The old 'White 42' and 'White 54' pages
are still available for reference

It was long thought that 'White 54' was the aircraft seen below, at Freeman Field, after its ferry to the USA. But new research shows that it was only the tail of 'White 54', fitted to 'White 42'.

To make thing even more complicated, the tail of 'White 54' was also put on a yet to be identified Freeman Field Komet. It is really a different aircraft: compare the mottle pattern around the cockpit and on the canopy frame, and look at the fuselage crosses.

And there the trail of this aircraft stops, until new material surfaces ..

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