Monogram 1/48 F-84F 'stores configuration study model'

ATO bottles

The flight manual (page 162) lists five types of ATO bottles that are cleared for use. The coding appears to indicate burn time (14 to 16 seconds), sequence letter or manufacturer code, letter S (meaning unknown), and lastly the average thrust (1000 pounds).

  1. 14AS1000 made by Aerojet

  2. 14DS1000 Mk4 Mod 2 made by BuOrd (??)

  3. 14DS1000 M-8 made by ??

  4. 15KS1000 made by Aerojet

  5. 16NS1000 aka M-15 aka T-60 made by Rocketdyne

Type 1: the Aerojet 14AS1000 is shown here, and I think this is the bottle that Monogram provides in fourfold. 'Jane's All the World's Aicraft 1952-1953' lists diameter 261 mm and overall length 899 mm for this version. This makes 5.4 and 18.7 mm, Monogram made it 4.5 and 19.4 mm. This explains the long and thin look of the kit parts.
Type 1: I'm building a new one based on a tube of the correct diameter (right bottom), with the nose cap from Monogram. Work on the bottom side is unfinished.

Later I obtained another ATO bottle, from the Tamiya 1/48 F-84G Thunderjet. It definitely looks like an Aerojet 14AS1000, and it has the correct dimensions. The Revell 1/48 F-84E includes the same bottles, and execution is maybe even better.
Type 2: I haven't found the 14DS1000 Mk4 Mod 2 yet, hence a blank picture.
Type 3: the 14DS1000 M-8. I only found a drawing of this version, but luckily it has dimensions. The design is sort of a reverse of the 14AS1000 (type 1), with the sperical end on the front side, and the flange on the rear side.

The F-84F in the Brussels museum is fitted with these: link. The 'Traditiekamer' at Volkel also has an M-8 on display.

Type 4: 15KS1000 by Aerojet, as a drawing. claimed relatively smokeless. 'JATO MK6' and 'ATO-MK6' stencils. Also seen on Thunderjet.
Type 4: Model Art M.Access 024 (1/72), Model Art M.Access 027 (1/48), PlusModel AL7056 (1/72), AL4070 (1/48)
Type 4:
Type 5: Rocketdyne 16NS1000 (aka M-15 or T-60) shown here, diameter 256 mm and overall length 858 mm (5.3 and 17.9 mm)

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