Monogram 1/48 F-84F 'stores configuration study model'

Practice weapons

The name of the small practice bomb carrier is unclear to me, I've seen AF/B37K or simply B-37K (USAF), R-3 (RNLAF), of LABS rack (RNLAF) and Mk 25 (Luftwaffe). It's from Daco's F-104 set. I also used the practice bombs from the same set, and installed a steel wire pin in each of them.

The low-drag practice bombs had a tube surrounding the tail fins, and I tried CA-soaked cigarette paper here. First impression is that the diameter is too large. For the definite version I need to swap the bombs front-back, since the high-drags were usually installed aft. Due to their drag they could otherwise hit the bombs behind.
In a second attempt at creating the tube around the fins, I rolled cigarette paper around a 2 mm rod, and cut off 2.5 mm lengths. The bomb fins had to be shortened before the tube would slide over the four fins. But I think I now have a reasonable representation of the low drag practice bomb. I painted them MRP-232 International Orange, and the high-drag practice bombs blue, a 1:2 mix of MRP-044 and MRP-045. The rack itself was painted MRP-128 Silver. I had only one vague color photo to decide the color upon. The assembly is quite colorful!

Maybe I made a mistake with the practice bombs: it's quite possible that the high-drag practice bombs were not used on Dutch Streaks, since there were no retarded bombs in the inventory. The only doubt would be the B28EX versus B28RE (with parachute), but I found evidence that the strike squadrons used Mk76 low-drag practice bombs for their LABS practice missions. They were allocated between 2500 and 3000 of them yearly.

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