Monogram 1/48 F-84F 'stores configuration study model'

HVAR 5 inch rockets

I bought two sets of HVAR rockets: CMK A4281 in light gray resin, and Eduard Brassin 648061 in dark and light gray resin. As you can see, the shapes differ greatly, and I measured both. CMK: diameter 3.2 mm, fin span 9.1 mm, length 33.7 mm, translating to 6.0", 17.2" and 59.5". Eduard: diameter 2.6 mm, fin span 8.0 mm, length 37.6 mm, translating to 4.9", 15.1", 71.1". The diameter disqualifies the CMK rockets.

The next complication is that are many versions of the HVAR. I found the following in Navy manual 'OP 1415, Rocket Assemblies': Mk 28 Mod 4 68", Mk 28 Mod 5 70", Mk 32 Mod 1 84", Mk 34 Mod 0 51", Mk 35 Mod 0 62" and Mk 36 Mod 0 85". The rocket casing is between 51" and 53" long. Fin span for all is 15.3". In a hi-res photo of a RNLAF F-84F being loaded I measured approximately 66".
Based on the above I selected the Eduard HVAR. Next challenge was to hang them from the wing with magnets. For the first time I had to install an external magnet, because the rocket body is too small for a magnet strong enough. I glued a 2 mm magnet between the fins, and of course installed a matching one in the wing. For the front support (a small bracket sticking out of the wing) I decided to use 1 mm magnets, sticking out of the rocket in the correct position. In the F-84F wing I mounted a larger 2 mm magnet. The result matched the real installation pretty well, therefore I was happy with the method.
I decided to make four sets of two rockets. I cut slots in half the fin parts to allow the rockets to be stacked, and used a jig to scribe a panel line between the rocket casing and the warhead. I painted all resin parts MRP-105 FS 35237, a bluish-gray that seems to have been used for rocket casings at the time. Next the fins were painted MRP-128 Silver and the practice warhead with a 5 to 3 mix of MRP-045 UkrAF Flanker Dark Blue and MRP-183 Oxford Blue. I installed a pin through both rockets about halfway, mimicking the real-world connection. I still need to install straps around the casings near that pin, plus a magnet that aligns the front part of the rocket. A 2x2 magnet is installed between the rear fins.

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