Monogram 1/48 F-84F 'stores configuration study model'

Napalm bombs

After a long study I concluded that the RNLAF used M116 napalm bombs. The Mk 77 Mod 0 is similar in shape, had identical diameter and nearly identical length. But the M116 has two small windows in both the nose cap and the tail cone, so the pilot or groundcrew can check the fuzes. The BLU-1 has similar shapes front and back, the BLU-27 is a welded BLU-1. Therefore it must be the M116.

The only 1/48 model of the M116 was by Cutting Edge, catalog number CEC48171, 'M116 / Mk 77 Mod 0'. Chances of finding that long out-of-production item were slim, so I looked in my spares box and found something useful. I do not know the kit it came from, but diameter was 10.4 mm and length 77 mm. I changed the nose contours a bit, engraved four panel lines and removed 3 mm from the center section. Lastly I added filling caps (hardly visible here) and cable ducts for the fuse wires.
I cast a few copies of my master bomb. An oil wash was applied to these castings to show the details.
Here's the result after installing magnets and painting. I used Mr Paint Steel as a rough approximation for bare aluminum, with a slightly grayer color for the filler caps. The latter is artistic license.

Later I modified my master, giving it a longer (pointier) tail cap, my original was too blunt. This was after I was able study that tail cap (only that!) in the 'Traditiekamer Vliegbasis Volkel'. I also moved the right-hand window to the top side.

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