Monogram 1/48 F-84F 'stores configuration study model'

MN-1 / SUU-21 practice bomb carrier

I built the MN-1 / SUU-21 from Daco's F-104 Upgrade set. It's just two parts, with 2x2 mm magnets installed at each lug position. It fits nicely under the inboard pylon. I still need to decide between practice bombs or closed doors.
The few photos of the MN-1A under RNLAF F-84Fs had closed doors, so that decided the matter. I measured the Daco MN-1A's diameter and found a similar 9.0 mm diameter fuel tank in my spares box. I cut up the tank halves to make the two pieces that would fit snugly in the openings. After CA gluing the inserts, I scribed a line down the middle, to create left and right doors. The MN-1A now needs paint.

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