Monogram 1/48 F-84F 'stores configuration study model'

Target towing installation

Only a few photos exist of the Belgian-made target towing installation, but I had only one partial side-view photo that allowed me to establish the approximate dimensions of the triangular tube structure. I used the dimensions of an MA-4 rack to guesstimate the length ahead of the tubes, and this gave me the length of the inverted U-beam on the aircraft centerline. In the drawing I moved the target towing installation a bit to show what information the photo offered. I also had to guestimate the contours of the lower fuselage, in red.
To build the target towing installation, I started with the inverted U-beam, built from three strips of 0.3 mm plastic card. Next I installed the support in the middle and the simple representation of the MA-4 rack at the rear. Then I bent a piece of 0.3 mm aluminium to a curve to represent the rear crossbeam. The last part was gluing one 0.7 mm rod (brown) and two 0.5 mm rods (white) to the triangular shape.
Magnet installation followed after the ATO rack was done. The target towing installation offered few possibilities, but things worked out fine. A short column of two 1x1 mm magnets replaced the short tube on which the forward end of the brown plastic tube rested (see above), the other magnet column was glued to the rear of the MA-4 rack, and covered with a bit Apoxie to hide it. MRP-232 International Orange was used to make it orange, the color it presumably had.

(( In the second stage I added small parts like the front crossbeam, some brackets around the MA-4 rack, small parts inside the U-beam, and the screws on the crossbeams. It's still just an approximation of the real thing, the available information is too limited. ))

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