MiG 29 Fulcrum-C 'Red 29' (c/n 28105) of 31 GvIAP at the Grossenhain air show of 1992. It was one of three Fulcrum-C's that came over from Falkenberg. One was shown on the static, and the other two (including this one) were the flying display aircraft and spare. Note the personal wheel chocks!

This aircraft and all other Falkenberg MiG 29's were withdrawn on 15 June 1993 to Sernograd in Russia. Interestingly, the crew chief of this aircraft at Sernograd, Viktor Tkachenko, saw his MiG on this site and wrote me an e-mail. Viktor lived at Altenburg-Nobitz from 1988 to 1993, where his father served as a lieutenant colonel.

Photo by Theo van den Boomen, 15 August 1992

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