Order of Battle - 1969

Unfortunately this Order of Battle is not as comprehensive as the previous ones.

Headquarter (Zossen-Wunsdorf)

Fighter Corps North (Wittstock)

      Fighter Division Pütnitz (Grevesmühlen CGI)
    Fighter Regiment Pütnitz
Fighter Regiment Wittstock
Fighter Regiment Gross Dölln

      Fighter-Bomber Division Lärz (Parchim CGI)
    Fighter-Bomber Regiment Lärz
Fighter-Bomber Regiment Neuruppin
Fighter-Bomber Regiment Parchim

Fighter Corps South (Wittenberg)

      Fighter Division Zerbst (Zerbst CGI)
Fighter Regiment Köthen
Fighter Regiment Jüterbog
    Fighter Regiment Zerbst

      Fighter Division Merseburg (Allstedt CGI)
    Fighter Regiment Merseburg
Fighter Regiment Alt-Lönnewitz
Fighter Regiment Altenburg

      Fighter-Bomber Division Grossenhain (Schaderode GCI)
Fighter-Bomber Regiment Briesen
    Fighter-Bomber Regiment Grossenhain
Fighter-Bomber Regiment Finsterwalde

Bomber Regiment Finow

Beagle, Brewer
Reconnaissance units
Reconnaissance Regiment Welzow Beagle, Yak 28, Crate
Reconnaissance Regiment Werneuchen Yak 27 Mangrove
Reconnaissance Regiment Allstedt

MiG 21 Fishbed-H
Transport Units
Transport Regiment Oranienburg
Transport Regiment Sperenberg
Helicopter Transport Regiment Brandis

Target Towing
Target Towing Stendal

Beagle, Cab
Helicopter units
1. Army Dresden-Klotzsche
2. Army Erfuhrt-Bindersleben
3. Army Mahlwinkel
8. Army Weimar-Nohra
20. Army Finow
Staff HQ Zossen-Wunsdorf

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