Order of Battle - 1977

This Order of Battle was taken from a map that only showed air bases and aircraft types in use there. It lacked units, but it fitted the previous structure pretty well, so I used that. Helicopters appear to largely overlooked on the map.

Fighter Corps North

      Fighter Division Pütnitz
    Fighter Regiment Pütnitz MiG 23MS
Fighter Regiment Wittstock MiG 21
Fighter Regiment Gross Dölln

MiG 21
      Fighter-Bomber Division Lärz
    Fighter-Bomber Regiment Rechlin (a.k.a. Lärz) Su 7
Fighter-Bomber Regiment Neuruppin MiG 27
Fighter-Bomber Regiment Parchim

Su 17
Fighter Corps South

      Fighter Division Zerbst
Fighter Regiment Köthen MiG 21
Fighter Regiment Jüterbog MiG 23MS
    Fighter Regiment Zerbst

MiG 21
      Fighter Division Merseburg
    Fighter Regiment Merseburg MiG 23MS
Fighter Regiment Alt-Lönnewitz MiG 21
Fighter Regiment Altenburg

MiG 21
      Fighter-Bomber Division Grossenhain
Fighter-Bomber Regiment Jüterbog Yak 28
    Fighter-Bomber Regiment Grossenhain Yak 28
Fighter-Bomber Regiment Finsterwalde

Yak 28
      Fighter-Bomber Division ??
Fighter-Bomber Regiment Briesen Yak 28
    Fighter-Bomber Regiment Finow Su 7
Fighter-Bomber Regiment Werneuchen

Su 17
Reconnaissance Regiment Altenburg
(possibly a seperate unit)
MiG 21R
Reconnaissance Regiment Stendal
(wild guess since it does not fit the Division unit structure)

Yak 28
Transport Units
Transport Regiment Oranienburg An 14
Transport Regiment Sperenberg An 2, An 12
Transport Regiment Welzow An 12
Transport Regiment Fürstenwalde

An 26
Helicopter units
Stendal Mi 24
Parchim Mi 24

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