Me 163 kits and accessories

Box art scan found on Ebay

Dragon (DML) also reissued the Trimaster Me 163S kit, along the Me 163B kit. I'm not completely sure, but it seems logical that part of the white-metal and photo-etched parts of the Trimaster kit were replaced by injection-moulded parts, just like in the Me 163B kit. Note that the two-seater has not been issued by Revell-Germany, so if you want to build an Me 163S, you'll have to find the Dragon kit.

The Dragon Me 163S shown below was built by Ludo Kloek from Belgium. Ludo based his model on a photo showing a Russian-captured Komet different than the rather well-known 'Yellow 94'. Therefore the smaller Russian stars (taken from a Microscale 1/72 sheet) should be correct. Unfortunately that photo can't be found at this moment. Possibly it was the profile drawing on page page 64 of Profile 225: it shows a anonymous Russian two-seater, but with a big star on the unmottled tail.

More two-seater Komets from Belgium: the model below was built by Hans Claes

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