Me 163 kits and accessories

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An in-the-box review by Ruediger Landmann of the A&V Resins 1/72 Me 163C:

The kit contains:

Remarks: Parts are very nicely cast and require only a minimum amount of cleaning up. No air bubbles or warpage visible. Outline looks pretty accurate. Surface detail is very fine and neatly engraved, but there isn't very much of it. Cockpit is just a square hole, and since the fuselage is cast in one piece, there's not much that can be done about this. Metal dolly looks like it's been cast straight from Heller's part - it even copies Heller's ejection pin mark accurately! Looking forward to what will hopefully be a pretty simple and straightforward build.

Brent Theobald kindly sent some more comment on this model. Brent writes: The wings are copies of the Heller kit. The wings are much thinner than the wing fillets they are supposed to join to. The result is a large amount of sanding will be required to make the two surfaces flush. Also, the wings extend about 5mm past the fillets. This area will need to be built up with putty and plastic card. The wing trailing edges are nice and thin. However the vertical stabilizer is thick and chunky. It will need to be thinned down or it will look odd compared to the wings. The decals are nice and the canopy is well made. I would recommend the model to people with the warning the model is going to need a little more work than you might expect.

Duke Douglas reports that the model is cast in a very soft resin, incredibly easy to cut and sand. He also reports that the wings do not match the wing fillets; a lot of putty and sanding was needed here. There was also a large seam in the fuselage to sand down, and the two sides of it were mismatched, needing reshaping. This sounds like a one-piece mold that didn't close properly.

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