Me 163 kits and accessories

Some collected opinions about the Testors Me 163B from the newsgroup rec.models.scale:

Modeling Madness has reviews of this kit by Grenville Davies and Olivier Lacombe. Both Lukasz Kedzierski and Brian Geiger have building reports on their sites. The Modeller's Home has an extensive construction report, including a scratch built interior. Cybermodeler has an extensive build report by Stephen Sutton.

The Testors version of the Hawk Komet has had several types of boxes. Starting with the earliest version, this box appears to be a transitional Testors boxing of the Hawk kit. It is similar to the original boxing except for the blue part on the right side, which now shows both 'Testors' and 'Hawk' names. Note the number 625

The current boxing of the Testors kit, possibly from a 1998 reissue? Most likely this has catalog number 7625.

The HSO (Hobby Shop Only) boxing of the Testors kit

Lastly, a view of the kit's contents.

All photos found on Ebay

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