Me 163 kits and accessories

Some comments on the Huma 1/72 Me 263 collected from the newsgroup rec.models.scale, mainly by Frank Henriquez and Mark Schnyert (with permission).

Until recently, Huma used low pressure injection molding machines to make their kits. The kits were packaged in simple poly bags (like the Me 263, only later the cardbox box as shown at the top was introduced). The low pressure machines limited the amount of detail possible in their kits. While panel lines were well reproduced, small bits like landing gear oleo struts and control sticks were often deformed, with elliptical cross sections. However, the white plastic used in their early kits responded beautifully to styrene cement. Some of these these "old style" kits are the He 280, FW Triebflugel, Hs 132, Fl 283 (Flettner helicopter), Me P.1101, Me 209, Me 309, Me 609, DFS 230, Lippisch DM.1 and Me 263.

Starting around 1995-1996, Huma switched its kit production to modern injection molding machines, and has been packaging their kits in boxes with good color cover art. The quality of the new kits is greatly improved. While not quite in the same league as DML or Hasegawa, the kits are accurate and the fit is usually very good, with very fine engraved panel line detail. Huma has also developed the equivalent of "plastic photoetch"; a thin sprue tree of extremely detailed plastic bits. The tiny parts are detailed and are easier to work with than photoetched parts. Some of the newer kits are the DFS 228, DFS 346, Me 328A/B, Ju 287, FW Ta 283, Ju EF.128, and Me P.1106.

The Huma Me 263 has been packaged in both poly bags and cardboard boxes, but it is an early Huma creation. The model builds up nicely, but it has some small problems:

Generally speaking, the Huma Me 263 builds up into a nice model - it's worth finishing it.

The following pictures of the parts, decals and instructions were found on Ebay:

Jimmy Währens' model

Jimmy Währens from Denmark kindly supplied the following photos of his Huma Me 263. Jimmy reports that the panel lines on the model have been filled in since they were much too coarse. Cockpit interior is scratch built and canopy has been replaced by a homemade vacformed one. Slots have been added to the wings. Ailerons and rudder cut from model and repositioned. Some extra detail was added in the rear area: the rocket orifices were replaced, and a tail bumber and cord for brake parachute were added. The area around the forward undercarriage opening has been reworked replacing the "skid like" protrusion in front and behind the forward undercarriage. The model was painted using Aeromaster acrylics. Dark pastels were used on the fuselage to break up the otherwise too "clean and straight" look.

Further reports

Another report can be found on Julian Herrero's site and an extensive build report by Scott Van Aken on the Modeling Madness site.

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