Me 163 kits and accessories

A pretty unique accessory is made by the Czech company S8M Model in the shape of a 1/72 resin Walter HWK 109-509 rocket engine. A rather large bag contains three parts.

The card shows some instructions. It reports that the -509A (single combustion chamber) can be used in Me 163A (wrong), Me 163B, J8M1 Susuj (sic), and Ba 349A Natter. It says the -509C (with cruise combustion chamber) can used in Me 163C, Me 163D, Me 263/Ju 248 and DFS 346. Although the engine designations are different in many books, recent research indicates that this engine was called -509B, with only 10 made. The only know application is the so called 'Me 163C-0' prototypes, which were Me 163B's with a rear fuselage modification (and possibly other modifications). The Me 163D, Me 263/Ju 248 had a different Walter engine installed, with rearranged component layout. Do some research before you install an engine in those models. The best place to start is the Walter HWK 109-509 Site by Shamus Reddin.

A picture of the combustion chamber and the thrust tube, and the auxiliary combustion chamber of the C engine. These parts nicely cast, but they do not show much detailing.

Five views of the accessory box. This part does not represent the complex machinery and piping inside this box. It is therefore only suited to be built mounted in an aircraft, where the lack of internal detail will not show. Otherwise it is very nice.

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