Me 163 kits and accessories

The Tamiya 1/100 kit is long out of production. I've seen it once, and the quality appeared to be very nice. The pictures below were found on Ebay.


The model was re-released in December 2003, and two versions appeared on the market. Duke Douglas reports: The first issue is kit #60023, the box has a white border, and it retails for about 14.50 US$. It includes decals for 'White 54' of a training Staffel and 'Yellow 13' of II/JG400, and swastikas are included. The second issue is kit #61604 and is labeled #4 in the 1/100 series. The box has a black border, the swastikas are removed from the box art, and it costs around 8 US$. It has redrawn assembly diagrams, and omits the profile for Galland's Me 262. All the schemes are still on the decal sheet however, but the swastika decals are omitted.

Tamiya Komet models

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