Me 163 kits and accessories

The Komet part of the combined Me 163B / He 162 sheet 48-334 is shown here.

'White 42' most likely is V42 / WNr 310051. One photo made in Germany is known, and I am convinced its fuselage was part of the composite 'White 54' airframe as photographed in the USA. Note that it has a MG 151/20 ammo hatch on the spine (not shown in the instructions). It is incorrectly shown without a generator prop. Considering the age of this aircraft, I am not convinced that it was painted with RLM 81/82, it could be RLM 70/71 as well. I don't understand how Aeromaster can provide a right side view whereas all known photos are of the left side.

310054/'White 05' is the best photographed Komet. See the linked page for a discussion of the colors. Note that the decals show '+05' instead of 'C1+05' as can be seen in one photo.

Two photos exist of 'White 18', but the painting instructions don't portray the specific details very well.

191454/'Yellow 11' was photographed in detail in the UK after the war. Aeromaster's painting instructions are not accurate: the forward and rear fuselage were densely mottled, and not painted in solid camouflage colors. Also, according to a color report, no brownish color was used on this Komet. The code is positioned much too low in the drawing, and '191' and '454' should be very slightly stepped.

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