Me 163 kits and accessories

The Komet part of the combined Me 163B / He 162 sheet 48-335 is shown here.

'White 54' is a very problematic aircraft, since I believe it is a composite airframe, with the fuselage of 'White 42' and the tail of 'White 54'.

The all-red 310050/V41/PK+QL is probably the most famous Komet, but no photos exist unfortunately.

I don't have a dedicated page yet about 'FE500' aka 'T-2-500', but you can view how this Komet looks now at the NASM page. The Aeromaster markings look pretty accurate, but I don't think it had a solid camouflage. It looks to be very densely mottled to me.

Quite a few photos of 191301 during the Wright Field Air Fair (October 1945) have surfaced. It had less dense but larger mottles than the Aeromaster painting instruction shows.

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